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If you sell your used car at Cash Your Car UAE, you don't need to worry about anything further than selling a vehicle to us. We will buy your car in less than 30 minutes. We are the best car-buying company in Dubai. You can quickly sell used cars online with us.
Dubai's economy is thriving immensely, resulting in abundant opportunities that attract individuals worldwide.This has led to a surge in population and an increased demand for vehicles, resulting in a flourishing market for both new and used cars. The automotive industry in Dubai is expected to reach USD 48147.19 million in 2030, growing at a CAGR of 11.50% between 2023 and 2030. Residents of Dubai, for their convenience, turn to online platforms to buy and sell cars. This online car-selling process has made selling a vehicle easier and created a competitive market with a wide range of platforms from which to select. As a result, many people are confused about which online platform to choose when selling their cars. Now you can sell, buy, or trade in a car with Cash Your Car UAE by selecting any of our services.


Sell or Buy a Used car effortlessly in Dubai with one of our 3 services



Sell Your Used Car to Us [30 Minute Quick Sale] 


Do you want immediate cash by selling your car? Yes, we can help you with that. Just book a free appointment, and we'll inspect your vehicle for the correct value based on quality. Once you agree with our offer and complete the paperwork, we will give you the cash within 30 minutes. We assure you that our offer can beat any handwritten price offered by other dealers.

If you don't have time, selling your used car directly to us would be a perfect choice. Just sell your car in three easy steps.


Get Free Valuation: Know the current market value of your car!

Book An Appointment: Our expert will examine the car for free to give you the correct value!

Cash in 30 Minutes: Complete the paperwork to get your cash or bank transfer amount!


  • In-hand cash in 30 minutes 
  • No Worries of Fines & Loans 
  • The Best Market Price in the UAE 
  • 100% Safe & Secured 
  • Hassle-Free Process
  • Guaranteed purchase no matter the car's make or model.
  • There are no obligations for you
  • No hidden charges
  • Free car valuation
  • We take care of all paperwork with banks or RTA.
  • Trusted customer service
  • The RTA has certified us.
  • Instant Cash payment. You don't have to transfer car ownership before we pay you.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers



We Will Sell Your Car For You, Consignment Service [Assured Best Price]


At Cash Your Car UAE, we're committed to selling your car at the best price while you relax and feel at ease. Our experts take care of everything from advertisement to paperwork and negotiate with the customer to give you the most profitable value in the market. With our consignment service, you can retain your car ownership and we will sell your car for you at the best price you can get for your car. This process is very simple and guarantees you the best return for your car


  • Our team will take care of all test drives and viewing
  • We will display your car at our showroom
  • will post and promote your car on the best car-selling platforms to maximise its exposure to customers.
  • We will find the best car buyer for you
  • Our professional team will handle all the negotiations for you
  • We will keep your car clean so it's always ready to be viewed
  • Our team will handle all payments and RTA paperwork.
  • We can give you payment in cash, bank transfer or cheque, whichever you prefer



Buy Your Dream Car From Us [Assured Warrenty]


At Cash Your Car UAE, you can sell and buy used cars at the best price in Dubai! Are you looking for a quality used car to buy? We offer a diverse range of top-brand used cars for sale, such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Land Rover, which gives you plenty of high-quality options to consider. Additionally, you'll get various amazing offers, including a 0% Down payment, After-sale service, and an Assured warranty. Most importantly, you can also take advantage of our "trade-in service" to get a car at a very low price! We will guide you through a seamless car-buying process, making sure that we find you a car that suits not only your budget but also your needs.


  • Diverse inventory, including different makes, models, and types.
  • Quality assurance, all cars are fully inspected
  • We sell cars at a fair market value, better than other traditional dealerships
  • Our process is streamlined to be hassle-free, and we provide you with assistance at every step.
  • Our expert will guide you at every step so you can make an informed decision
  • Good after-sales service, including warranties and maintenance
  • We have thousands of happy customers and a track record of excellent customer service
  • Trade-in options are there for customers so they can trade in their old cars, making it convenient for them to upgrade to a new vehicle.
  • We provide flexible financing options, making it easy for you to buy your dream car


Frequently Asked Questions 



Q: How does Cash Your Car work?


At Cash Your Car UAE, we make buying and selling your used car easy, regardless of its condition. We work in three simple steps to sell your vehicle: 

  1. Get a free online valuation, 
  2. Book an appointment for the car examination 
  3. Complete the sale & paperwork and get your cash in just 30 minutes. 


We also manage all the paperwork, car loans, and fines for a hassle-free experience. And most importantly, with us, you can expect the best at the current market price


Q: What types of cars do you accept?


There's no specific category of cars we deal with. At Cash Your Car UAE, we accept any car you have. However, make sure the vehicle has a legal owner and is registered. 


Q: Is there any obligation to accept the offer?


No, You always have the choice to reject our offer. At Cash Your Car UAE, we give you a free online valuation and a free car inspection to find the right value for your car. We're proud to say that over 1,000+ customers have found our offers to be the best compared to all the others in Dubai. 


Q: Can I sell my car if it's not registered or expired?


Yes, you can sell your car even if it's not registered or the registration has expired. However, before transferring ownership to the buyer, you must pay fines and register the car.


Q: How can I book an appointment with your company?


We have a straightforward process for booking an appointment for your car inspection. First, go to the appointment booking form and select a branch you want to visit. Then, choose a date and time and hit the "Book Appointment" button.


Our car expert will examine your car's condition to determine its fair value, considering its quality and current market price. 


Q: How do you evaluate my car price?

We have a very simple and free car evaluation feature. Just select your car from our free car evaluation tool to get your car's estimated budget for the current market. 


Q: Where can I bring my car for inspection?

In Dubai, Cash Your Car has two branches. You can bring your car for inspection at any of our branches on available date and time. Please check the address and available schedule.


  1. Al Barsha 2 Branch, Souq Extra Mall, 38b Street, Al Barsha 2, Dubai.

Available on: Saturday - Thursday, 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


  1. The Springs Branch, Souq Basement Level, AL Afnan Street, Dubai

Available on: Saturday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–07:30 p.m.


Q: Can I sell my car if I am outside the UAE?


Yes, the seller with the POA (power of Attorney) can now officially sell the car in the UAE, even if the owner/seller is outside the UAE. However, the seller must give the POA to anyone present in the UAE, and that person can sell the car on his behal


Q: How do you get the power of attorney to sell a car?

Getting the POA to sell your used car in Dubai is easy, but you must follow a process. First, you need to select a person to whom you will give authority. Second, draft your car's POA with the help of a lawyer, and clearly state the purpose of it and the extent of authority you want to give. Remember, it must be translated into Arabic. Once your draft is ready, get it signed by both parties and get it to a Dubai public notary to notarize it. Normally, in Dubai, you can find drafting services easily, and the fee for drafting starts at AED 549


Q: How can I sell my car for a good price?


It might sound arrogant, but Cash Your Car UAE is the only platform where you can sell your used car at the best price in Dubai. First, you get a free online valuation to know the estimated price of your car. And then, you can book an appointment to get your car's actual price by examining its condition and parts' quality. 


We assure you that we can beat any handwritten offer by any used car seller in Dubai.


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