How to sell my car and get cash fast?

The questions every automobile owner asks when thinking of selling their used car is, can I do it myself?, will I be able to sell it quickly? How long will it take? And what expenses will I have to make?


These types of questions are the cause of great indecision when thinking about selling your car, but of course, each case is different and those are not the only questions that one should ask oneself and we will show some others that are important.


One of the questions is, can I sell my car if I have a bank loan on it? And this is one of the reasons why many people don't, because they haven't finished paying off the loan yet and they think that (fairly reason and by the laws in the UAE), you cannot, but this is no longer a reason not to do it and our company can solve it and we will help you and you can sell without problems.


Of course, there are many reasons why you need or want to sell a vehicle, for example:

  • Wanting to change the old one for a new one, acquire a different model that works for the family
  • Change the model or brand for another with better safety features and comfort
  • Because you need to travel and you must sell it quickly
  • Because you want to get rid of an unnecessary burden or luxury by having a car in the garage taking up space and generating expenses without any type of use or real productivity that supports having it parked
  • Because you just need cash fast.


A used car is an asset that can be quickly turned into cash if you know how to do it right, but of course, the amount of money and the time needed will vary depending on which option is chosen by you.


Another question that should be asked is: When is the right time to sell my car if I want to do it? and this question is also important and we will help you understand why in a simple way.


The next question is obvious and you will see that we even offer you a good resource that will be of great help to better understand what to do and how to do it according to your decision and choice.

In what ways can I sell my car?

When you want to sell a vehicle you need to think about what you really want and can do, that is, if you want to sell it yourself, which will require a great deal of time both before you start selling it (researching, appraising the vehicle, visiting different places, exploring the Internet, talking to experts, etc.) and in the process (taking calls, visits from potential clients, test drives, inspections, RTAs, etc.) and in addition, you will have to take risks, take precautions and spend money because not only you have to invest time.


But to explain it more thoroughly, there are two options:


Option 1: If you have time and want to try to sell it on your own and get as much money as possible

You want to seek the highest possible return and you could get more money, but you must keep in mind that this option will imply:

  • Spend many hours looking for information
  • Move to different places
  • Invest many hours answering calls, answering messages, and showing your car
  • You will have to spend gas on test drives for potential drivers
  • If you use third parties, keep in mind to review the options, probably and depending on the option you select, you will have to pay a commission
  • You must assume the risks that this process implies
  • It can be a process that could take months and we are talking about more than 6 months and no, we are not exaggerating the time


You must be aware that you must inform yourself well so as not to continue losing money, many times the difference between selling and trying to obtain the most money possible for your car and selling in a faster way, is not really significant enough to wait a long time and continue investing money in the process and accumulating expenses.

Check the next complete guide that will serve as a checklist on what you need to know to sell your car in Dubai or UAE according to the method you want to use and will help you to know many aspects of the process and a large part of what you will need to do.


Option 2: You don't have much time to wait or to invest and keep losing money and accumulating expenses

When there is no time available and you don't want to wait months and continue spending money, then there is another option and we are that option that simplifies everything in 30 minutes, get to know our reputation a little better through our clients and if you like, visit us in one of our branches


What are the benefits of selling my car to your company?

In the guide we have attached before about how you can sell your car in Dubai and its options and what you need to do and bear in mind, you can find many good reasons, but always the most important thing to keep in mind are:

  • Security, avoiding theft and fraud
  • Saves money and headaches
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Honest and transparent advice

Now we are going to talk about why understanding and knowing the moment is important


If I want to sell my car, when is the best moment to do it?

To help you understand when you are going to sell your vehicle or when it would be the best time according to the current moment in which your vehicle is, it is important to take into account different aspects when you are seriously considering selling:


When you feel that your vehicle is a burden or luxury,

Regardless of the time that has passed after the purchase of the new car, if you begin to feel that the vehicle only generates expenses or is a useless object in your garage, that is when you should think about letting go of that load of a purposeless car and that it ceases to be just something that costs you for no reason while it continues to depreciate and convert it into cash that you can use or save instead of losing.


When there are constant repairs

More than a strong symptom that something is wrong with the vehicle when it constantly needs "adjustments" or "fixes", it is a clear call to make the decision to update your vehicle and of course, turning your current vehicle into money by selling it, it is the best decision

Our advice is always, to make the decision and take timely action before you hit rock bottom


When you're thinking of a car with better safety features,

Changing the car looking for better safety features is always an excellent idea, much more so when it comes to protecting your loved ones or family members, in some cases it is just looking for a more current version of the same vehicle model and brand that you like, and in other cases, it may be meant to change the model and manufacturer of the vehicle.


When there is a lifestyle change, or you want a car with better comfort features,

When the family grows, when your tastes change, when you need a car for your family and its transportation or another model to go to work in a new job, this is a time when considering changing the car is ideal and of course, convert quickly in money in effect the current one is the ideal to be able to advance quickly in the acquisition of the new one.


Before the car depreciates significantly and loses much more value

The depreciation of a vehicle is a very relevant factor and as we mentioned before, it is quite common for residents in Dubai to change their car every 2 or 3 years, and it is in the first 5 years that the highest level of depreciation in a current vehicle occurs, of course, we are not talking about classic vehicles.

What you should know about depreciation when you're thinking of selling your used car

If you want to obtain the best possible value for your used vehicle, sell it after 2 or 3 years where the vehicle will maintain its highest possible value and enjoy it at its best, of course, following the maintenance recommendations so that it does not lose value (remember to always keep your history of service)


Of course, you could use it for 5 years, and then sell it, since after 5 years vehicles depreciate at a lower rate.


Before starting to approach, the hundred thousand kilometers traveled

100.000 kilometers, this is more than just a number, the vehicle's listed value can go down considerably and if this is a vehicle that is showing significant mileage before 3 years, then it may be a good time to sell it and let someone else you can give it a more moderate use while you buy a new one.


For this reason, it is recommended to sell before the fifth year of approaching that level of mileage traveled.


Market news in generation or model changes

New releases to your vehicle's model line can impact your price, so having this to take into account in addition to the time and mileage factor, is also an important decision and opportunity factor.


A new law

There are occasions where a new law passed by the government may cause the vehicle to lose value, for example, an environmental protection update, so this may be an opportunity to change to a new vehicle by selling the current one.

We will have more information for you so that you can learn more about what aspects you should take into account about the automobile market and how we can help you when you want to sell your used car, and, if you want to get a valuation of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to approach one of our offices or contact us, one of our representatives will be glad to contact you quickly.



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