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Getting the highest price for our used car is highly desired, but it's always important to differentiate between what we think is getting the most value and making the most profit from selling the vehicle, Do you want to understand why?, it is very simple, suppose you sell a car choosing an option in which it takes you 6 months and is $3,000 higher than other options on the market, after 6 months you sell it for $15,000 dollars and that is a higher value than what you found in other options, but from those $15,000 dollars you must subtract the time you invested and of course, it means money for you, also you must subtract the money you invested in the different expenses you had to make throughout those 6 months, such as, and in ideal conditions, gasoline and cleaning for show the car, among others, but you must also subtract the expenses incurred in carrying out the sale and transfer processes, so the car at the end, instead of giving you $15.000 net dollars, could give you less than $10.000 dollars, so, although the end-value of the sale could be higher, it can be much lower than profit and not everyone is lucky enough to find the best option in a very short time.


This is why it is important to understand what it means to sell a car at the highest price today. It is not just about the maximum amount of money; it is about understanding how quickly the money can be obtained, with the least investment of time and money possible to get the maximum benefit from the sale of your car.


If you want to know the options and try to sell them on your own, we will help you and show them to you so that you can get an idea and generate your own criteria.


We know the market in Dubai and the car brands that circulate in the market and their characteristics, and of course, we are aware of the demand and supply of models and brands and we know the difficulties that sellers constantly go through during the process and for the same reason; we have become a leading company in the sector in providing the greatest facilities to sell your car in a fast, safe and reliable way where you can get the most benefit in a few minutes with a really very simple process.


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We Make Car Selling Simple


Before Cash Your Car UAE came to Dubai, you were forced to sell your car the traditional method: bouncing from dealership to dealership just to be told they won’t buy your car due to its condition, or they refuse to give you a fair price for your vehicle. Attempting to sell your car the western way by putting a “For Sale” sign on your car window results in a fine in Dubai, and advertising through the newspaper or online forums just ends up wasting your time with potential buyers that back out of the purchase at the last minute. Who has time in the middle of their day to stop what they’re doing to show their car to someone who will ultimately offer a lowball price? We know your time is valuable, which is why we’ve implemented a system to get your vehicle sold and all payments processed within 30 minutes. No delays waiting for the RTA to process your paperwork, or for banks to clear any outstanding debt. We do the waiting while you do the spending with the cash you receive that day.


When is the Best Time to Sell Your Car in Dubai?


Timing matters when it comes to getting top dollar for your used car. Even if you keep your vehicle in “like new” condition, you could be facing nothing but lowball offers if you pick the wrong time to put your car on the market. And when it comes to selling cars, the “best time” doesn’t just refer to the time of year. The length of time in which you own the car factors in as well. So, what exactly is the time frame to keep in mind? Well, there are a few details to take into consideration.


  1. Avoid the holiday season. Although around November through January it seems as if a lot of people are out spending money, most people aren’t spending it on large investments such as a car. Despite the few out there able and generous enough to give their loved ones a car for Christmas, the pool of potential buyers drastically decreases around this time; not only making it more difficult to sell privately, but if the demand is lower, the value of your car subsequently falls as well. Not to mention Dubai’s population consists mainly of transplants from other countries and there is a large efflux of people traveling back home for holiday around this time.
  2. Be conscious of what sales and promotions dealerships are offering for new or used vehicles. Usually, before the New Year, dealerships offer their best deals and promotions so they can unload the old inventory and make space for the new models coming out. You’ll often see ads for new cars with zero percent APR or no money down necessary. These types of promotions make it easier for consumers to buy a new vehicle without putting a financial strain on their lives. If someone is in the market for a car and they can purchase new, they almost always do, so you don’t want to try to compete with the dealership.
  3. If you care more about selling your car for as much money as possible, rather than just driving it until you no longer want it anymore, be aware of when the manufacturer plans on putting out an updated design for the model of your car. On average, manufacturers update the exterior designs of their cars every five years, and having an outdated-looking car, even if it's hardly been driven, will still lose significant value.
  4. Selling your car before the warranty expires will help the car retain value. Whether selling the vehicle privately or through a professional buying service, a warranty helps ensure to the buyer you are not attempting to conceal any engine repair failures it might be needing. If you know at the time, you purchase your car that you will want to resell it after the manufacturer's warranty of three years expires, you might want to consider purchasing the extended warranty offered with new cars.


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