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Volkswagen, cars of great design and quality


 The German car brand Volkswagen is a brand that is very well received worldwide and of course, in Dubai, its cars in their different designs such as Hatchbacks, Coupes in the compact type, Crossovers with the ID.4 models or SUVs (although we must say SUVW by Sport Utility Volkswagen) walk the streets of Dubai and the UAE for their high quality, design, and the safety that these vehicles provide for drivers.


These characteristics of innate reliability in the brand itself that drivers have are not something casual, it is not for nothing that the Volkswagen Group is one of the most important automotive groups in the world, being the most sold worldwide during the period between the year 2016 and 2019, in addition to having a direct operation in more than 150 countries, this is something that currently characterizes very well the translation of the meaning of the brand name that means "the people's car", this is because Volk, the first word in German means town and Wagen, the second word means an automobile, of course, its great reception gives even more value to the meaning of its name.


It is important to highlight that when we talk about the Volkswagen group, we are talking about a set of luxury sports car brands, iconic brands, as well as brands whose name means quality in their cars, brands such as Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bently among others. vehicle brands, so their cars, are distinguished in the same line of quality, comfort, practicality, functionality, design, and luxury.

iconic and legendary cars 


The Beetle, as well as the Volkswagen Kombi (Van), have been two cars that became icons of the automotive sector, but mainly the Beetle is a car that has a worldwide reputation for its characteristic design and because when it emerged, it managed to replace the needs of many worldwide, but over time, this car developed its own personality, even generating communities worldwide, with its own day, June 22.


This automobile icon did not stay in the past and Volkswagen has continued to evolve in its design and many other characteristics, with the new Beetle, the designs adapt to different tastes without losing the personality of this two-door car.


Let's look at some of the features that become the reasons for being a preferred brand for new and used car buyers in the UAE and Dubai.


Safety and technology


The German automobile brand maintains in its cars innovation and quality principles for the satisfaction of its purchasers, but of course, technology and safety are a vital part of its models, ABS systems prevent the wheels from locking when braking in an emergency, or on a slippery surface, a fuel supply cut-off system to enhance savings and increase efficiency, but it also plays an important role in driver safety by preventing, in the event of a collision, pressurized fuel from continuing into the engine thereby reducing the possibility of fire by a large percentage if for any reason the line that transports the fuel suffers any damage.


When we talk about safety features, we are also talking about Airbags that in different Volkswagen models, up to 9 airbags can be available, even an additional protection system for the driver's knees, very good safety features, right?


The most sold and bought Volkswagen models in the Dubai used car market




2022 ID4 SUV Crozz PURE

2021 ID4 SUV Crozz PURE




2022 ID6 SUV X Pro

2022 ID6 SUV Crozz Lite Pro

2022 ID6 SUV Pro Crozz




2022 Hatchback Golf GGC Specs

2021 Hatchback Golf GGC Specs

2019 Hatchback Golf 2.0L GGC Specs

2018 Hatchback Golf GGC Specs

2017 Hatchback Golf 2.0L GGC Specs




2021 Tiguan SUV GGC Specs

2020 Tiguan SUV GGC Specs

2018 Tiguan SUV GGC Specs

2016 Tiguan SUV GGC Specs




2021 Touareg Highline SUV GGC Specs

2021 Touareg Highline Plus 3.0L SUV GGC Specs

2019 Touareg R-Line SUV GGC Specs

2018 Touareg SE SUV GGC Specs

2016 Touareg Sports SUV GGC Specs




Yes, there are some used Bettle in the Dubai Market

2018 Beetle

2017 Beetle Turbo S Full Option GCC Specs

2015 Beetle Turbo S Full Option GCC Specs

2009 Beetle 1.6L GCC Specs

2003 Beetle Convertible


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