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Toyota, the SUVs ruling the Dubai and UAE streets

Toyota cars are widely recognized worldwide for their quality, power, and reliability, making them popular among car buyers. The brand's impact in the automotive world is reflected in its recognition. For instance, in its valuation report, companies such as Brand Finance have shown that the Japanese car brand Toyota will be the most valued in 2021 and 2022. 

Brand Finance Global 500 2021 - Toyota Overtakes Mercedes as World's Most Valuable Auto Brand

Brand finance automotive industry 2022 – Toyota retains the title of the world's most valuable car Brand

The Japanese brand has several famous and highly demanded cars, such as the SUV lines, including the Land Cruiser, Hilux, and Prado, the Fortuner, and the Camry and Corolla lines of the Sedan type. The Prius (also in the hatchback) and the luxury car brand Lexus, which was separated from the Toyota brand to become an independent brand, are also highly valued.

All these lines of cars are well-received by buyers of used cars in Dubai due to their functionality, performance, and quality, making vehicles of the Japanese brand a must-have and an excellent choice for buyers in the UAE.


SUVs, the power of Toyota cars


SUVs are highly desirable in Dubai as they are versatile vehicles that can adapt to any activity, whether it's for professional, family, or exploration purposes. They offer reliability, tranquility, and adaptability and have great power and cargo capacity, typical features of Pick Ups. SUVs are also perfect for family activities, even for large families.

In addition, SUVs are highly sought after for their design and style, versatility, interior comfort, elegance, and safety features. The Toyota Prado is a prime example of a highly sought-after SUV in the UAE. Its advanced safety features, such as the Safety Sense system, which includes safety bag systems and other technological features, make Toyota SUVs highly desirable in the market.


Camry, the style, elegance, and comfort of the Toyota Sedan line


Toyota's sedan line of cars has a high impact in Dubai and the UAE, and the Camry models are a great example of why they are so well-received. The sedan line of cars has beautiful designs, fuel efficiency, and advanced technology to improve driving with functions that assist the driver.

The current Camry models are elegant cars with stylish designs that offer character and great style. They have ample interior space, offer superb comfort, and have an elegant interior design. But, of course, safety is paramount for Toyota. Therefore, the high-integrity cabins are designed to protect the vehicle's integrity while having the Safety Sense (TSS) security system and a safe night driving system. Why wouldn't you want to buy a Toyota?

Now that you know why buying a Toyota is a great option. Let's look at some Toyota models on Dubai streets and in the automotive market.

The most sold and bought Toyota models in the Dubai used car market

Land Cruiser

2022 SUV Land Cruiser VXR GCC Specs

2022 SUV Land Cruiser VX GCC Specs

2021 SUV Land Cruiser GXR GCC Specs

2018 SUV Land Cruiser VXR GCC Specs

2017 SUV Land Cruiser GXR GCC Specs


2023 SUV Prado TXL GCC Specs

2022 SUV Prado VXR Adventure GCC Specs

2019 SUV Prado EXR GCC Specs

2020 SUV Prado GCC Specs

2016 SUV Prado GCC Specs


2022 SUV Hilux SR5 GCC Specs

2022 SUV Hilux Adventure GCC Specs

2020 SUV Hilux DLX GCC Specs

2019 SUV Hilux GL GCC Specs

2017 SUV Hilux GLX GCC Specs


2023 SUV Fortuner GXR GCC Specs

2019 SUV Fortuner GCC Specs

2018 SUV Fortuner TRD Sport GCC Specs

2016 SUV Fortuner EXR Sport GCC Specs

2014 SUV Fortuner EXR Sport GCC Specs


2023 SUV Highlander Hybrid GCC Specs

2023 SUV Highlander GXR Hybrid GCC Specs

2022 SUV Highlander GLE GCC Specs

2020 SUV Highlander LE GCC Specs

2019 SUV Highlander XLE GCC Specs

2018 SUV Highlander S Class GCC Specs

2017 SUV Highlander XLE GCC Specs


2023 Sedan Camry SE GCC Specs

2022 Sedan Camry GLE Hybrid GCC Specs

2020 Sedan Camry Hybrid GCC Specs

2019 Sedan Camry GCC Specs


2020 Sedan Corolla LE GCC Specs

2019 Sedan Corolla SE GCC Specs

2018 Sedan Corolla SE GCC Specs

2015 Sedan Corolla SE Sport GCC Specs

2013 Sedan Corolla GCC Specs

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