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The Japanese car brand Mitsubishi has been in the automotive market for more than 100 years, creating vehicles that offer a great experience, excellent features and high quality; who would not want to have a car of exceptional quality and performance?


Mitsubishi, the car brand that stands out for its philosophy of quality and driving experience


Quality, innovation and great experience in a car, all of which are reflected in the satisfaction of Mitsubishi owners; after having spent some time driving and living the experience of these cars, the concept about the Mitsubishi cars is very positive due to the quality and expertise that vehicles offer, and this is not something that is said lightly, it can be seen reflected in consumer satisfaction studies such as the initial quality study (IQS) published by J.D. Power in 2020 where measurements of the perception of car owners after 90 days of driving. The Mitsubishi brand ranked fourth and surpassed many other car brands in the market, but this also happened in 2021 in the J.D Power quality study, where Mitsubishi ranked third in car owners' perception of quality, thereby showing that the Japanese brand's quality process and focus on an excellent customer experience user is not a mere chance.



Innovation as a philosophy


Quality and a great driving experience are not the only features that stand out in Mitsubishi cars, which are well-received in Dubai. The reception of Mitsubishi cars in the UAE is also mainly due to the brand's ability to innovate, which has been a characteristic and an essential part of the evolution of the different models of its vehicles.


To understand how evolution has marked the philosophy of the mitsubishi brand, we can go back a bit through time, have you ever seen the rear view mirrors mounted on the hood of a car?, then you have probably seen a 1969 Galant or maybe a Galant 1976, a car that for its time, had an excellent reception as a compact Sedan which already offered excellent features for buyers, but from the Galant series, the Mitsubishi Sigma model emerged as a natural evolution, the Sigma was a luxury car with great power and that stood out for the quality of its interior design and the technology that it incorporated, such as a digital clock on its dashboard, something that for its time was simply not common, it also incorporated steering wheel controls, cruise control and even a stereo premium with equalizer, characteristics that were not common in the cars of the time and that were only later popularized even in luxury cars and with this type of characteristics, the Japanese brand marked very outstanding innovation advances for luxury cars even over other car manufacturers; in the line of innovation through time, how not to mention the iconic Mitsubishi 3000GT (GTO) with its 6-speed box and the power of its engine that became popular as 3000GT VR-4, haven't you seen the VR-4 with the spoiler on the rear of the car? This became a marked feature of the 3000GT VR-4 that evolved since 1992 with the Active Aero spoiler.



The story reflects the essence of Mitsubishi in offering quality, luxury and comfort in their designs in which they are constantly developing innovations, as currently demonstrated with their concept cars designs that later become production cars, as has been what happened with the current models in production, among which the AIRTREK "e"-Cruising SUV as an electric vehicle or the OUTLANDER Bold Stride stand out, cars that stand out for their interior design, space, quality and technology, models that are a constant product of innovation in the different lines of development of Mitsubishi Motors.




The most sold and bought Mitsubishi models in the Dubai used car market


Mitsubishi Pajero 


2020 Pajero SUV Signature Edition GCC Specs

2020 Pajero SUV Flexible DP GCC Specs

2019 Pajero SUV GCC Specs

2018 Pajero SUV GCC Specs

2017 Pajero SUV GCC Specs



Mitsubishi Lancer 


2017 Lancer Sedan EX GCC Specs

2016 Lancer Sedan GLX GCC Specs

2015 Lancer Sedan GCC Specs



Mitsubishi Outlander 


2022 Outlander SUV GCC Specs

2020 Outlander GLS SUV GCC Specs

2018 Outlander GLX SUV GCC Specs

2017 Outlander GLX SUV GCC Specs

2016 Outlander GLX SUV GCC Specs


Mitsubishi L200 


2023 Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up Truck Double Cabin GCC Specs

2022 Mitsubishi L200 Pick-Up Truck Double Cabin GCC Specs

2022 Mitsubishi L200 Pick-Up Truck Basic Single Cabin GCC Specs

2019 Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up Truck Double Cabin GCC Specs

2018 Mitsubishi L200 Pick-Up Truck GCC Specs




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