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Selling Your Mercedes in Dubai is easier than ever before.

Selling your old favorite Mercedes Benz and not getting the right price. That’s why we are here. Helping you get the right price for your car in less than 30 minutes. All you have to do is Evaluate your vehicle online and book an appointment. Bring your vehicle for a free inspection, and we’ll give the offer in under 30 minutes. Happy with the offer, you can walk away with cash instantly, and we’ll handle all the paperwork for you, all that for FREE.


Sell any Mercedes you have for cash

And don’t sell it for a penny less than it’s worth! Think about how long you are willing to deal with the process of selling your vehicle, and how much money you would like to get for it. If there is no sense of urgency to sell your Mercedes, you can, of course, advertise your vehicle in the classifieds and wait for a potential buyer to contact you about viewing. However, this can turn into a lengthy process and requires you to come in contact with a ton of strangers. Additionally, you will probably have to haggle on the price, so we suggest having a firm minimum price in your head before meeting with any potential buyers. Or, skip the risk, and sell to Cash Your Car UAE, where you will be safe from scams, low ball offers, and covid exposure!


Of course, the model of Mercedes-Benz you are trying to sell will impact how quickly you find a buyer as well. Exotic luxury models are a more niche market and not all consumers are looking to spend the type of money, say an SL65 AMG (in almost any condition) might be worth. It’s important for any sale that you present the cleanest, more refined version of your car that’s possible. This means taking your car in for servicing and a thorough detailing of both inside and outside the vehicle. If you’d rather save the money and do it yourself, don’t forget to shampoo and vacuum the carpets! Throw in a new car smell air freshener as well, just for that extra little something to make it special. If you post an advertisement of your car looking dingy and old, people will be less likely to even open up your ad. Not only will it make your vehicle more attractive for those just browsing the classifieds, but it will always increase the value when you’re trying to finalize the sale.


However, this is only one option to sell your Mercedes-Benz. If you would prefer to make a sale quickly, and for a fair market price, using an online car buying service is a great choice as well! 


Just evaluate your car with our online calculator and book an appointment for an inspection! It’s that easy! Before you know it, you will have cash in hand while we handle all the messy paperwork behind the scenes, for free!


Get ready to say goodbye to your well-loved Mercedes in just 30 minutes, because 30 minutes is all it takes for us to get cash in your hand and you out the door!