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Land Rover, the dazzling and desired luxury SUV in Dubai

SUVs are highly desired in Dubai for many reasons: adaptability to the different terrains and conditions of the UAE, functionality, and versatility. However, when it comes to Luxury SUVs, the British brand Land Rover takes the lead.

From the Land Rover car family, two car lines stand out strongly in the UAE market, the Range Rover and the Defender. These are SUVs with excellent performance, power, and capacity. The Defender stands out for being an SUV designed to cover different terrains and adapts to them intelligently. Their technology and design allow them to overcome the UAE's intense weather conditions and landscape very well. This is not only due to its design and technology but also because of the excellent quality of its materials, offering outstanding durability and resistance to the harshness of climate and landscape. 

Driving and safety technologies


The SUVs of this British brand are modern cars and have evolved and developed driving technologies, safety, enjoyment, and comfort inside the vehicle. An example of technology is the MLA-Flex architecture, which offers a better in-car experience with reduced driving noise and a more comfortable experience. Still, it's not just the MLA-flex that stands out. Many other technologies make Land Rover SUVs objects of desire. For anyone who is thinking of buying a car, let's see some of them:

  • Seats are heated and controlled in their positions (tilt) via the App
  • Noise cancellation system
  • Smart lighting
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Fatigue monitor
  • Recognition of traffic signs
  • 360° 3D camera
  • 3-point seat belts
  • Air filter system to reduce viruses and bacteria significantly.


Land Rover has many other connectivities and driving technologies that drivers can enjoy.

Did you know that Land Rover was bought by BMW in 1994, and then in 2000, Ford bought the Land Rover brand? This has not made the brand German (by BMW) or American (by Ford). The brand remains a British car brand and retains its prestige and enormous worldwide recognition. That is why, when discussing SUV-type cars, we always talk about Land Rover.

Range Rover, luxury and performance


Range Rover are SUVs of a sportier model, but it's not just about style, its technology also provides the driver with a sportier driving experience. Besides beautiful design and styling, the British brand offers luxury and sophistication with its interior design and technology, in addition to the customizations that can be made to its configuration when purchasing the vehicle.


Another Range Rover strength is the quality materials that offer an even more luxurious experience inside the car, using a very elegant, spacious, functional, and Very pleasant interior design. That is why the Range series is preferred by many buyers when it comes to luxury SUVs.

The most sold and bought Land Rover models in the Dubai used car market.

Range Rover

2023 Range Rover SUV P530 GCC Specs

2023 Range Rover SUV Vogue Autobiography GCC Specs

2023 Range Rover SUV P530 LWB Autobiography GCC Specs

2023 Range Rover SUV Autobiography GCC Specs

2022 Range Rover SUV HSE GCC Specs

2020 Range Rover SUV Vogue GCC Specs

2018 Range Rover SUV Vogue SE GCC Specs

2018 Range Rover SUV Autobiography L GCC Specs

Range Rover Sport

2023 Range Rover SUV FE GCC Specs

2022 Range Rover SUV SVR Carbon GCC Specs

2019 Range Rover SUV Sport HSE GCC Specs

2018 Range Rover SUV SVR GCC Specs

2017 Range Rover SUV Sport Supercharged GCC Specs

2016 Range Rover SUV Sport SVR GCC Specs

2016 Range Rover SUV Sport Supercharged GCC Specs

Land Rover Defender

2023 Defender SUV P400 X-Dynamic HSE GCC Specs

2023 Defender SUV P400 XS GCC Specs

2023 Defender SUV P525 GCC Specs

2023 Defender SUV P300 GCC Specs

2022 Defender SUV P400 SE GCC Specs

2022 Defender SUV P400 GCC Specs

Land Rover Evoque

2022 Land Rover Evoque SUV P200 S GCC Specs

2019 Land Rover Evoque SUV P200 HSE GCC Specs

2018 Land Rover Evoque SUV GCC Specs

2017 Land Rover Evoque SUV Dynamic Plus GCC Specs

2013 Land Rover Evoque Dynamic SUV GCC Specs

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