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Honda, the high-tech car brand


Honda is a Japanese car brand that has gained an excellent reputation around the world thanks to its solid line of research and technological development. It was one of the first car manufacturers to launch hybrid cars on the market, which is part of the focus of the Japanese manufacturer of high-quality vehicles with a sustainable approach. However, other things characterise them. Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world, and this establishes a differential factor in their cars.


An example of its line of development and innovation is the Acura car, which initially arose from the iconic sports car named NSX and has excellent design, performance, power, and comfort. This car set the trend worldwide for being the first to offer a body entirely made of high-resistance aluminium with an aggressive and futuristic design and, at the same time, very elegant, which combined aerodynamics with the style of the cockpit of an F16 fighter plane in one car. Just seeing this beautiful car makes you want to own one of them, but of course, we must also talk about Honda's car lines, which are very popular in Dubai and the UAE.


Sedan, design, and driving


Honda's sedans in its line of Accord and Civic cars are vehicles that offer elegant styling, a great driving experience, mechanics and engineering that provide sports car suspension and excellent engine power, as well as ample interior space in the cabin and a sporty style that is very attractive, thanks to that Honda sedans are very well received in Dubai, but in addition to that, the technology system that offers functionalities for both entertainment and driving provides excellent features, which of course include security features such as the Honda Sensing system, which incorporates traffic sign recognition capabilities, lane change assistance, and crash mitigation braking system, among others, that is, a set of security features. And assistance designed to protect the lives of drivers and passengers that, when activated, alerts automatically that everything is OK; it makes the cars of the Sedan line with its different characteristics very desirable, especially the hybrids, which offer the best features and attributes for drivers.


SUV, power, and safety


Honda SUVs reflect the innovation and stylish design of a multifunctional car. Still, their interiors offer details and finishes that provide a sense of luxury and ergonomics, along with sporty styling in a spacious cabin. Thanks to its mechanics, it provides better manoeuvrability integrated with all-wheel drive and acceleration, a set of technological features that, in addition to incorporating the Honda Sense system, combine connectivity and entertainment features, all together with accessories designed to make the experience inside the car as great as driving on the roads of the UAE and the streets of Dubai.


Honda SUVs stand out for high-quality engineering; an example is the Real Time AWD Intelligent Control System. This system allows a great driving experience in different weather and terrain conditions, and this is thanks to the integration of technology with precision sensors that enhance the performance of engine torque to the rear wheels. For this reason and many more, Honda SUVs are excellent vehicles designed to meet the needs of those who want to enjoy a versatile car of great power, interior space, and design through the streets of Dubai.

The most sold and bought Honda models in the Dubai used car market

Sedan Accord

2022 Honda Accord Sport Full option GCC Specs

2022 Honda Accord Sport EX-L 1.5L GCC Specs

2021 Honda Accord Sport Full option GCC Specs

2021 Honda Accord Sport Full option 1.5L GCC Specs

2021 Honda Accord Sport EX-L GCC Specs

2020 Honda Accord LC GCC Specs

2019 Honda Accord Sport Sedan GCC Specs

2018 Honda Accord LX Sedan GCC Specs

Sedan Civic

2022 Honda Civic GCC Specs

2022 Honda Civic 2.0 LX GCC Specs

2021 Honda Civic 1.6L GCC Specs

2020 Honda Civic LX Sport Sedan GCC Specs

2019 Honda Civic EX-L 2.0L GCC Specs

2018 Honda Civic RS Turbo Sedan GCC Specs

2018 Honda Civic RS Sedan GCC Specs

2017 Honda Civic 2.0L Sedan GCC Specs


2022 Honda CR-V Touring GCC Specs

2022 Honda CR-V EX 2.4L GCC Specs

2021 Honda CR-V EX 2.4L GCC Specs

2021 Honda CR-V Sport GCC Specs

2019 Honda CR-V GCC Specs

2018 Honda CR-V GCC Specs

SUV Pilot

2022 Honda Pilot Touring 3.5L GCC Specs

2022 Honda Pilot Black MY GCC Specs

2021 Honda Pilot Touring 3.5L GCC Specs

2020 Honda Pilot EX-L 3.5L GCC Specs

2020 Honda Pilot LX SUV GCC Specs

2019 Honda Pilot GCC Specs

2018 Honda Pilot EX GCC Specs


2022 Honda HR-V LX 1.5L GCC Specs

2021 Honda HR-V LX 1.8L Full Option GCC Specs

2021 Honda HR-V LX Galaxy GCC Specs

2020 Honda HR-V LX 1.8L GCC Specs

2020 Honda HR-V EX Blue 1.8L GCC Specs

2019 Honda HR-V GCC Specs

How to sell my Honda car?

Selling your used car quickly and safely, at a fair price, and without wasting your valuable time is easy. You can do this without worrying about all the paperwork and a long sales process to find an interested person and take risks when selling your car.
We know how complicated and lengthy selling your car can be, but we can make the process very simple and fast for you. Our experts will evaluate your used car quickly and make you an offer, and in 30 minutes or less, we will buy it for you. You won't have to worry about the RTA, fines, or bank loan payment—we take care of it.

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