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Honda, the high-tech car brand

Honda, a renowned Japanese car brand, has earned a remarkable reputation due to its strong commitment to research and development of cutting-edge technologies. As one of the pioneers in hybrid cars in the market, Honda exemplifies its dedication to manufacturing high-quality vehicles with a sustainable approach. Honda proudly holds the title of the world's largest engine manufacturer, which significantly sets its cars apart from the competition.


The NSX made waves globally as the first car to feature a body entirely constructed from high-resistance aluminum. Its futuristic, aggressive, yet refined design seamlessly blended aerodynamics with the sleek cockpit style of an F16 fighter plane. An example of its line of development and innovation is the Acura car, which initially arose from the iconic sports car named NSX, with excellent design, performance, power, and comfort. Simply gazing upon this superb vehicle ignites a desire to possess one. Naturally, we must also acknowledge Honda's immensely popular car models, which have gained significant popularity in Dubai and the UAE.


Sedan, design, and driving

Honda's sedan lineup, including the Accord and Civic, epitomizes vehicles that exude elegance and deliver an exceptional driving experience. These sedans combine stylish aesthetics with sporty suspension and impressive engine power, akin to a sports car. Moreover, they offer spacious interiors and an alluring, athletic design, making Honda sedans highly desirable in Dubai. In addition to their remarkable performance, these vehicles are equipped with advanced technology systems that offer entertainment and driving functionalities. Notably, the Honda Sensing system, an integrated safety feature suite, includes capabilities such as traffic sign recognition, lane change assistance, and a crash mitigation braking system. This comprehensive set of security features and driver aids is specifically designed to safeguard the lives of both drivers and passengers. When activated, these systems automatically issue alerts, ensuring peace of mind on the road.


SUV, power, and safety

Honda's SUVs perfectly combine innovation, stylish design, and multi-functionality. These vehicles not only boast impressive exteriors but also provide meticulously crafted interiors that exude a sense of luxury and ergonomic comfort. The spacious cabins combine sporty aesthetics with thoughtful details and finishes. The mechanics of Honda SUVs enhance maneuverability, integrating all-wheel drive capabilities and powerful acceleration. Moreover, these SUVs offer a range of technological features, including the Honda Sensing system, seamless connectivity, and entertainment options. Complemented by well-designed accessories, the overall experience inside these vehicles is truly exceptional, matching the pleasure of driving on the UAE's roads and exploring the vibrant streets of Dubai.

Honda SUVs are distinguished by their exceptional engineering, exemplified by the Real Time AWD Intelligent Control System. This advanced system ensures a superior driving experience across various weather and terrain conditions. Integrating precision sensors with cutting-edge technology optimizes engine torque distribution to the rear wheels, resulting in enhanced performance. Honda SUVs are renowned for their versatility, offering ample power, spacious interiors, and remarkable design. Whether navigating the bustling streets of Dubai or venturing off-road, these vehicles are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of drivers seeking a versatile and powerful driving experience.

The most sold and bought Honda models in the Dubai used car market

Sedan Accord

2022 Honda Accord Sport Full option GCC Specs

2022 Honda Accord Sport EX-L 1.5L GCC Specs

2021 Honda Accord Sport Full option GCC Specs

2021 Honda Accord Sport Full option 1.5L GCC Specs

2021 Honda Accord Sport EX-L GCC Specs

2020 Honda Accord LC GCC Specs

2019 Honda Accord Sport Sedan GCC Specs

2018 Honda Accord LX Sedan GCC Specs

Sedan Civic

2022 Honda Civic GCC Specs

2022 Honda Civic 2.0 LX GCC Specs

2021 Honda Civic 1.6L GCC Specs

2020 Honda Civic LX Sport Sedan GCC Specs

2019 Honda Civic EX-L 2.0L GCC Specs

2018 Honda Civic RS Turbo Sedan GCC Specs

2018 Honda Civic RS Sedan GCC Specs

2017 Honda Civic 2.0L Sedan GCC Specs


2022 Honda CR-V Touring GCC Specs

2022 Honda CR-V EX 2.4L GCC Specs

2021 Honda CR-V EX 2.4L GCC Specs

2021 Honda CR-V Sport GCC Specs

2019 Honda CR-V GCC Specs

2018 Honda CR-V GCC Specs

SUV Pilot

2022 Honda Pilot Touring 3.5L GCC Specs

2022 Honda Pilot Black MY GCC Specs

2021 Honda Pilot Touring 3.5L GCC Specs

2020 Honda Pilot EX-L 3.5L GCC Specs

2020 Honda Pilot LX SUV GCC Specs

2019 Honda Pilot GCC Specs

2018 Honda Pilot EX GCC Specs


2022 Honda HR-V LX 1.5L GCC Specs

2021 Honda HR-V LX 1.8L Full Option GCC Specs

2021 Honda HR-V LX Galaxy GCC Specs

2020 Honda HR-V LX 1.8L GCC Specs

2020 Honda HR-V EX Blue 1.8L GCC Specs

2019 Honda HR-V GCC Specs

How to sell my Honda car?

We understand the complexities and time-consuming nature of car selling, so we offer a simple and swift solution. Our team offers will promptly evaluate your used car and provide you with a competitive offer. Within 30 minutes, we will purchase your vehicle without any concerns about RTA, fines, or pending bank loan payments.

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