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Sell Your Ford & Get Cash in 30 Minutes:

They say Ford is built to last, and they mean it. Ford’s durability makes them a splendid car to resell for a reasonable price. And because of how long Fords last, dealerships are a little less choosy when it comes to buying back used Fords. Of course, that doesn’t mean dealerships offer the fairest price for your car. Even if you don’t plan on trading your car in for a newer model, dealerships rarely offer much more money than whatever the trade-in value for your car might be. Not all sellers know this, but trading your car in versus selling the vehicle for cash nets is a lower reward. Although it isn’t the most convenient option if you want to get the highest value for your used car. so you have more capital to inject into your next vehicle, sell your car before visiting a dealership.

Although selling your car rather than trading it in won’t be the most convenient method to unload your vehicle, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy and difficult process either. You can visit to find out your vehicle's value and book an appointment to sell your car in just 30 minutes! We’ll take your car in any condition guaranteed. You could sell us your car in the morning and head straight to the nearest dealership and be driving a brand new Ford! If you’re worried you loved your Ford too hard and for too long, and the wheels are close to falling off, don’t fret. We’ll continue to love your vehicle as you spend the money you made from selling her, on a newer, shinier version. 

Do you say your Ford isn’t run down? Why would it be? We already stated Ford is built to last. If you think you can’t sell it because you still have a loan on it, think again. Cash Your Car UAE will buy you out of your loan with the bank and handle all the overwhelming paperwork. The RTA has a lot of hoops to jump through when it comes to selling a car with a mortgage. Luckily, we love to jump! A hassle-free experience means we take care of all the paperwork while you spend your cold hard cash. 

As car buying specialists, we know how valuable Fords are on the market. Fords range from light-powered hybrids such as the Ford Fusion to commercial vans such as the Ford E350. Ford makes a model for everyone and we want to have an inventory of them all, so we are happy to buy your Ford in any condition imaginable. Running or not, dented or smooth, high mileage or none, we will guarantee you a sale with Cash Your Car UAE.

Come in and sell us your Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer, Ford Escape, or any other model Ford with any miles or any other signs of wear and tear. We can’t wait to buy your Ford vehicle!