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Ford, the powerful cars in Dubai


When the word automobile is mentioned in the world, a brand is part of history as its synonym and that is Ford, this is a brand that made cars part of many homes, allowed people to reach more and more distant places, and made cars an object of desire


The fact that Ford has turned its brand cars into an object of desire is not something that is linked to being one of the oldest cars manufacturers in the world, it is linked to the success that several of its car models have had throughout the history, today converted into what we know as Series, of course, if we are going to talk about history it is impossible not to mention the Ford Model T, a legendary automobile enters the history of cars in the world, but the existence has come with other models, the Ford GT40 was one of them, not because it became one of the best-selling cars, but because it became a world motoring icon by winning four times in a row (1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969) in the Le Mans 24 hour race, one of the most iconic car races in the world and what became a form of Ford revenge against Ferrari, when Ferrari refused to sell to Ford after having been in expensive negotiations for a long time, these 4 victories gave to Ford a great world renowned as powerful and high-quality cars.


Dubai, between the Ford Mustang and its Pickups


Many cars from the Ford Company circulate in Dubai, but there are two types that predominate, the Ford Mustang as the sports car line and the Ford pickup, and we know both are beautiful cars, great performance and with their own style that offer their own characteristics that each of their owners for these highway predators.

Mustang is one of the easiest models to identify on the streets of Dubai and the UAE, their Muscle-car design and style are easily recognizable, in addition to the iconic wild horse logo that gives this legendary car its name, which has earned its fame for being a powerful car, with a beautiful aerodynamic design, with great performance and with an engine that makes its owners feel that they are into the very powerful car.


Have you seen the movie, John Wick? Then you have seen a powerful Mustang in action. Of course, this Muscle-car has been part of many movies where a powerful car is present.

Another of the Ford car series that dominates the streets of Dubai and the UAE is the Pickups, the Ford F-Series started the Pick-Up dynasty, a style of car that was considered utilitarian and off-road, perfect for work, but over time it evolved into a luxury car with a great presence, while being, of course, a powerful utility car.


The Ford F-Series is one of its best-selling lines in Dubai. Of course, the Explorer Pickups are also highly desired for their style, comfort, and quality, but also their functionality of being a perfect car for both one person and their day-to-day and go anywhere in the city or out of it, as well as being a car that is great for the family.


Let's see some of the Ford models that are moving the most in the Dubai and UAE car market


The most sold and bought Ford models in the Dubai used car market


As we already mentioned, Mustangs and Pickups are preferred, but of course, there are other models of Ford vehicles that are part of the car market, let's see


Ford Mustang, the Muscle-Car legend


2021 Mustang American Specs

2020 Mustang American Specs

2018 Mustang GT Coupe GCC Specs

2016 Mustang GCC Specs

2015 Mustang GCC Specs



Ford F-Series Pickup, the muscle style in a Pickup


2022 F-150 Raptor GCC Specs

2021 F-150 XRT GCC Specs

2019 F-150 SVT Raptor GCC Specs

2019 F-150 SVT Raptor Canadian Specs

2017 F-150 Lariat GCC Specs



Ford Explorer


2022 Explorer ST GCC Specs

2017 Explorer GCC Specs

2016 Explorer 4WD GCC Specs



Ford Edge


2021 Edge EcoBoost GCC Specs

2018 Edge GCC Specs

2017 Edge SEL GCC Specs

2016 Edge Titanium GCC Specs

2013 Edge GCC Specs



Ford Escape


2023 Escape SE GCC Specs

2016 Escape GCC Specs

2015 Escape GCC Specs

2014 Escape SE GCC Specs



Ford Ecosport

2019 Ecosport GCC Specs

2018 Ecosport Titanium GCC Specs

2018 Ecosport GCC Specs



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