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Dodge muscle cars with exceptional power

Dodge is an American car manufacturer from Michigan (currently a subsidiary of the Chrysler group) with an excellent reputation and track record that began in 1914. Dodge produces complete lines of automobiles, such as trucks, commercial vehicles, SUVs, minivans, and sports cars. Dodge gained huge popularity for its muscle cars, which are highly desired cars in the used car market. The North American brand has also become well-known worldwide for its RAM and Durango trucks and SUVs.

Two lines of Dodge cars, Challenger and Charger, have been the object of desire for their power, performance and style. They have been true icons in automotive history. The Dodge Charger gained immense popularity in the 80s thanks to the North American television series “The Dukes of Hazzard”, where a 1969 Charger appeared; after that, this model was known as the “General Lee”. Nowadays, the Muscle Cars Charger and Challenger have also been part of the “Fast and Furious” movie saga, where these cars have been showcased as high-powered vehicles. 


These car lines’ style, presence, and power have made them highly desired vehicles for those who want a car that reflects their character. Thanks to the performance of their V8 engines, these cars currently in their Sedan line are known as the fastest and most powerful. 


These lines of Dodge cars are also known for their safety, protection and driving assistance. Dodge cars have acquired modern technology to give their drivers excellent performance and safe driving experience, such as Advance Brake Assist, Ready Alert Braking, Rain Brake Support, and All-Speed Traction Control. In addition, they have included accident protection systems such as airbags and a safety frame made with high-quality strong steel that helps to protect the passenger cabin. The cabin has been designed to offer maximum security. Driving assistance systems have been designed to avoid accidents using camera-based technology to help drivers prevent accidents while driving.

Dodge’s famous PickUP and SUV

Dodge’s line of Pickups and SUVs are very famous worldwide for their versatility, outstanding performance, speed, load capacity, power and all-wheel drive. Similarly, these car models have received immense recognition and popularity in Dubai and the UAE. The experience these cars offer is not only in their mechanical capabilities and large size; they also provide comfortable interiors and intelligent information systems that help in driving and entertainment systems to provide a complete experience in a car. With style and presence, these vehicles offer excellent driving control and connectivity features that cater to all driving needs.

Did you know that Dodge offers a variety of safety features in its SUVs and Pickups? One such feature is the Electronic braking force distribution system, which regulates brake pressure from the front to the rear, optimizing stopping distances, enhancing the driver’s overall safety, and reducing the risk of accidents.

The most sold and bought Dodge models in the Dubai used car market.

Dodge RAM Pickups and SUVs

2023 RAM TRX 6.2L V8 Standard GCC Specs

2023 RAM TRW Crew Cab DT 6.2L V8 Standard GCC Specs

2022 RAM 1500 TRX Standard GCC Specs

2022 Ram Sport GT e-torque GCC Specs

2022 Ram Limited 5.7 V8 GCC Specs

2021 Ram Rebel GCC Specs

2021 Ram Limited GCC Specs

2020 Ram Rebel 5.7L GCC Specs

2019 Ram Rebel GCC Specs

Dodge Durango SUVs

2022 Durango R/T 5.7L GCC Specs

2022 Durango SXT 3.6L GCC Specs

2020 Durango GT Plus V6 SUV GCC Specs

2020 Durango RT 5.7L SUV GCC Specs

2019 Durango R/T SUV 5.7L GCC Specs

2019 Durango GT SUV 5.7L GCC Specs

2019 Durango GT Plus SUV V6 3.6L GCC Specs

Dodge Charger Sedan

2021 Dodge Charger SRT Body Kit Super Track GCC Specs

2019 Dodge Charger GT Black GCC Specs

2019 Dodge Charger SCAT Pack Gray GCC Specs

2019 Dodge Charger STX GCC Specs

2019 Dodge Charger STX Blue GCC Specs

2016 Dodge Charger Hellcat 707 White GCC Specs

2014 Dodge Charger SRT Red GCC Specs

Dodge Challenger Sports Cars and Coupe

2022 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Black Sports Car

2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat White Coupe GCC Specs

2019 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Yellow Sport Car

2019 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus Red Sports Car American Specs

2019 Dodge Challenger R/T White Sports Car American Specs

2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Orange Coupe American Specs

2018 Dodge Challenger SXT White Coupe

2016 Dodge Challenger SE Black Sports Car American Specs

2014 Dodge Challenger Red Coupe American Specs



Dodge Car price range in UAE?

 Dodge Car prices in the UAE range from AED 116,500 to AED 129,900.


Which model is Dodge’s cheapest car?

Dodge’s cheapest car is the Dodge Charger 2024, with a price of AED 116,500.


Dodge’s expensive model in UAE?

Dodge Challenger 2024 with a price of AED 129,900.


What is Dodge’s most fuel-efficient car model?

The most fuel-efficient car model is the Dodge Challenger 2024 3.6L SXT fuel consumption of 10.2 L/100.


The best car in the Dodge car line?

The best car is the Dodge Charger, which has a price of AED 116,500.

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