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BMW, the highly prestigious luxury car on the streets of Dubai


BMW is a high-quality and luxurious car brand of German origin (acronyms derived from its name Bayerische Motoren Werke), designed for drivers who enjoy high-performance, powerful engines with a unique sound, perfect and beautiful designs, high quality, and durability in their cars. These are the reasons why BMW is a brand that represents the best of German engineering. For brand lovers, every time a new model is launched, they can't resist buying it.


Do you know why BMW cars have the nickname Beamer or Beemer worldwide?


The origin of the nickname for BMW cars does not come from automobiles. It originated in the United Kingdom because of motorcycle races in the prestigious Senior TT race on the Isle of Man (TT Isle of Man). BMW competed with their motorcycles (yes, BMW also manufactures high-quality motorcycles) for many years between 1939 and 1976, winning many races. During this time, the nicknames "Beamer" or "Beemer" arose because of the competing brand called "Beezer." Riders and motorsports fans coined the nickname "Beemer" for BMW motorbikes by analogy to "Beezer." These nicknames have been adapted to other languages. It is common for a beautiful luxury car owner to display his "Beamer proudly."


The feelings that beamers generate in their owners and also in other people,


BMW is a brand that evokes pride, passion, and even obsession. For many, this passion has been passed down through their family for decades, becoming almost a legacy. For others, it is simply the car of their dreams. BMW owners feel a sense of pride in their vehicles. Not only is BMW environmentally friendly, with reduced CO2 emissions, but it also boasts state-of-the-art technology and excellent features and functionalities.

BMW cars roam the Dubai streets, protecting us


Dubai Police is renowned worldwide for its fleet of sports and luxury cars. However, many of these vehicles are used for events and generating public relations rather than for direct crime-fighting purposes. In 2015, the police department incorporated BMW i8 hybrid model into their motorized fleet, and in 2017, they added the i3 model, an electric car, to the UAE government and police vehicle fleets. This strategic plan aims to introduce high-quality, high-performance electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions and raise environmental protection awareness.


The most sold and bought BMW models in the Dubai used car market


In the Dubai and UAE car market, you can find several car models from the BMW brand. We have extensive experience buying reliable, high-quality, high-performing models from this luxury brand. Let's look at some of them, including the BMW 7-Series.


BMW 7-Series

The BMW 7-Series is a luxury model that exudes class, elegance, and distinction. Its interior is synonymous with elegance and comfort, and in addition to this model, many other BMW models are available in the car market.


2022 BMW 730Li M GGC Specs

2022 BMW 760Li GGC Specs

2021 BMW 740Li M GGC Specs

2020 BMW 740Li GGC Specs

2018 BMW 740Li GGC Specs

2017 BMW 750Li GGC Specs

2016 BMW 740Li GGC Specs


BMW 5-Series

The BMW 5-Series is a luxurious model that offers a variety of designs, dynamic characteristics, and assistance systems. Its exceptional quality in all its components comes together to provide excellent performance, technology, autonomy, and interior comfort. The 5-Series is the second-best-selling model from BMW, following the 3-Series.


Among other models, we can find:

2023 BMW 540i M GGC Specs

2023 BMW 530i GGC Specs

2022 BMW 520i GGC Specs

2022 BMW 540i GGC Specs

2022 BMW 530i GGC Specs

2021 BMW 530e M GGC Specs

2020 BMW 520i GGC Specs

2019 BMW 520i M-kit GGC Specs

2019 BMW 530i GGC Specs


BMW X5 Series


The BMW X5-Series combines luxury and comfort with excellent engine power, technology that adjusts to the road, and beautiful aesthetics and exterior design, featuring details that stand out on their own. This series of cars is designed for luxury SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) enthusiasts. The BMW X5 is a mid-size luxury SUV built by BMW.

Let's take a look at some models of this SUV.


2023 BMW X5 M GGC Specs

2023 BMW X5 M-Kit GGC Specs

2020 BMW X5 40i M GGC Specs

2019 BMW X5 40i GGC Specs

2019 BMW X5 M GGC Specs

2017 BMW X5  M GGC Specs

2015 BMW X5 XDrive 50i GGC Specs


Of course, we can also find many other series of BMWs on the streets of Dubai, such as the 3-Series, 4-Series, and M5 Series.

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