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Trusted car buyers want to buy your BMW.

BMW is the most popular brand car in the UAE, which means the market can get saturated with them. Dealerships are already infamous for lowball offers, but they tend to use the over saturation as a reason to offer you an even lower price than your vehicle is worth. Of course, selling your Beemer back to a dealership isn’t the only method of selling your vehicle. Depending on how much time and patience you have, you could deal with the headache of selling your car privately. You will need to consider how long you are willing to keep your car on the market before finalizing a sale and pocketing the money. Not to mention if you even feel safe coming in contact with many strangers.


Unless a master negotiator happens to get the best of you, selling privately always gets the most bang for your buck. Private buyers have fewer factors to consider when purchasing a car for themselves, and they can often afford to let their excitement for your vehicle sway them to spend a little more than a dealership would be willing to. The most important thing to consider when debating between selling to Cash Your Car UAE or privately is if the little extra money you would make selling privately is worth your time and resources? Are you willing to spend money to advertise your car? Do you have the time to sacrifice to show your vehicle to potential buyers? Can you tolerate filling out endless RTA paperwork? Maybe! But our guess is probably not. Thankfully, you have us as your best car-selling option!


And being an owner of a Beemer is definitely exciting! You might even be thinking you want to sell yours now, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to give up on the BMW life. You could then use your current vehicle as a trade-in value for your next vehicle. A lot of people choose to use this method to unload their used cars. It may be the most convenient but unfortunately offers the smallest return. 


Just like selling any car, the condition in which you attempt to sell your BMW will impact the value of your car. Even when selling privately, it is important to be open and honest about any repair issues your BMW has needed, or mechanical malfunctions that might be occurring in your car at the time. If you are aware of serious operating issues with your car that you hide from the buyer, you may find yourself battling lengthy and cumbersome civil lawsuits.


Unlike going through a car buying service such as Cash Your Car UAE, private buyers won’t have an inspector look at the condition of the engine before they make the purchase. The seller isn’t responsible for getting an inspection done before selling their car but if they have already been made aware of major issues; it is their responsibility to disclose that information.


Cash Your Car UAE is the right balance between fair and fast. We guarantee you to sell your vehicle for a fair market price and you will be able to do it within 30 minutes of coming into one of our branches for an inspection. BMW has not come out with a model that we will not buy from you. Ask any of the happy customers that have sold us a BMW from the 1 through 6 series.