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BMW is a quality and luxury car brand of German origin (acronyms derived from its name Bayerische Motoren Werke) for those drivers who like high performance in their vehicle, powerful engines with a unique sound, and a perfect and beautiful design; this is the ideal brand.



BMW, the highly prestigious luxury car on the streets of Dubai 



BMW represents the best German engineering because it produces a car that responds precisely and has high-quality and durable features. That's why brand lovers are eager to buy every new model launched, and there is an impulse to buy it. We have been in the market for a long as a company that buys and sells cars, so we have witnessed it. BMW cars have been running on the streets of the UAE and Dubai for more than 40 years.



Do you know why BMW cars have the nickname of Beamer or Beemer worldwide? 


The origin of the nicknames of BMW cars does not come from automobiles, in fact, it originated in United Kingdom because of the motorcycle races in the Isle of Man (TT Isle of Man) and the prestigious Senior TT race, races in which BMW competed with their motorcycles (BMW also manufactures high quality motorcycles) and for many years between 1939 and 1976, BMW motorcycles with their racers won many races, it is during this time that the nicknames of Beamer or Beemer arose due to the existence a competing brand called "Beezer", and both, fans and riders, to differentiate them, began to refer to BMW motorcycles using the pronunciation of the first two letters "bee-em" (without using the pronunciation of the "W" since in the English segment it is would make it more complex) to refer to the German brand's motorcycles, of course, these nicknames have been adapted in their pronunciation to other languages and it is pretty standard that, when an owner of a beautiful luxury car is called a "beamer", shine and proudly displays his vehicle.




The feelings that beamers generate in their owners and also in other people 


BMW is a brand that generates pride, passion and even obsession. For many, this passion has an origin in family tradition through the decades, almost becoming a legacy; for others, it is the car of their dreams, and when they acquire a beemer, this even becomes, in some cases, a reason for jealousy. However, we are talking about a car happening; there is also that feeling of pride in owners and admiration in others when they find themselves in front of a latest-generation electric BMW thanks to the positive environmental impact in the reduction of CO2 emissions, which makes them not only environmentally conscious cars but also, they are state-of-the-art technology cars with excellent features and functionalities. [2] 




BMW cars roam the Dubai streets, protecting us 


The Dubai Police is world renowned for having a fleet of sports and luxury cars. Still, many are used for events and PR generation rather than directly to fight crime. Still, BMW brand cars are, and have been incorporated into Dubai's police department in 2015, with the i8 hybrid model into the motorized fleet and in 2017, the i3 model, an electric car, was also incorporated into the fleet of UAE government vehicles and also for the police car fleet, this, as part of a strategic plan that adds high quality and performance electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions and be part of the awareness of environmental protection and protect us all.




The most sold and bought BMW models in the Dubai used car market. 


There are several BMW car models in the Dubai and UAE car market, and we have experience dealing with many models of these luxury cars in terms of their reliability, high quality, and performance. Let's see some of them.




BMW 7-Series


 These luxury models' mere presence shows class, elegance and distinction, and their interiors are synonymous with elegance and comfort. 


2022 BMW 730Li M GGC Specs

2022 BMW 760Li GGC Specs

2021 BMW 740Li M GGC Specs

2020 BMW 740Li GGC Specs

2018 BMW 740Li GGC Specs

2017 BMW 750Li GGC Specs

2016 BMW 740Li GGC Specs


BMW 5-Series 


The five series of luxury cars offer a variety of designs, excellent driving and dynamic characteristics, assistance systems, and great quality in all their components. These combine to provide exceptional performance, technology, autonomy, and interior comfort.

Among other models, we can find:


2023 BMW 540i M GGC Specs

2023 BMW 530i GGC Specs

2022 BMW 520i GGC Specs

2022 BMW 540i GGC Specs

2022 BMW 530i GGC Specs

2021 BMW 530e M GGC Specs

2020 BMW 520i GGC Specs

2019 BMW 520i M-kit GGC Specs

2019 BMW 530i GGC Specs


BMW X5 Series 


The X5 Series combines go-anywhere power with luxury and comfort, with excellent engine power, technology that adjusts to road or terrain conditions, and beautiful aesthetics and exterior design with details that stand out on their own; this is a series of cars designed for luxury SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) lovers.

Let's see some models of this SAV. 


2023 BMW X5 M GGC Specs

2023 BMW X5 M-Kit GGC Specs

2020 BMW X5 40i M GGC Specs

2019 BMW X5 40i GGC Specs

2019 BMW X5 M GGC Specs

2017 BMW X5 M GGC Specs

2015 BMW X5 XDrive 50i GGC Specs


Many other beemers, such as the 3-Series, the 4-Series, and the M5 Series, are also found on the streets of Dubai.


Do you want to sell your BMW? Sorry, we know how to correct it. Do you want to sell your Beamer to buy another new model? Bring it, and we will buy your car regardless of its model or condition. We take care of the entire process; thanks to the fact that the RTA authorizes us, you will sell your car quickly, we do the paperwork, and you do not worry about investing money in the sales process; you do not invest tons of time researching and trying to understand how to value your car, we evaluate it and make you an offer, without commitments for you or hidden fees.



BMW Car price range in UAE?

The price starts at AED 146,176 and goes up to AED 725,000 for BMW cars in UAE.


Do you know BMW's cheapest car Model?

BMW's cheapest car model in UAE is the BMW X2 2024, and the price starts at AED 146,176.


What is the most expensive BMW model in the UAE?

The BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe 2024 is the most expensive BMW model in the UAE right now; it starts at AED 725,000.


Which is the best BMW car model for fuel efficiency?

The 7 Series 2023 745e Plug-In Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient car, with an average fuel consumption of 2.3 L/100 km.


Which is the BMW's best car model?

BMW 3 Series is the best car series BMW has; its price starts at AED 252,000.


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