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Audi cars, luxury, technology, and safety



The cars of the German brand Audi, both in its Sedan and SUV lines, have been very well received in Dubai over time, and this is because this brand offers high-quality luxury vehicles, with great power and with excellent style and comfort, besides that they also have orientation in the protection of the environment with the vehicles of the e-Tron series, but we cannot forget to mention that this brand is the one that generated that cars are manufactured in Europe with the steering wheel in the left seat with the launch of its K-line in 1921, because before that, cars made in Europe had the steering wheel in the right seat.


Let's see two of the main reasons why Dubai drivers like the Audi Sedan, SUV, and Sports models






This is one of the most important lines of the German brand that has always focused on innovation and staying at the forefront of technological innovations, but of course, always focused on the needs of drivers, technologies focused on driving such as the called Quattro (4-wheel drive), or the Common Rail technology that allows much more efficient combustion, increasing power, reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions and combined with the Audi Valvefit (AVS) system, that optimizes the valves, offers an optimization that translates into less fuel consumption and more power.


But the technology's capabilities extend beyond offering drivers fuel-saving and power-boosting benefits, they also feature technologies that focus on the driver experience with an intelligent and dynamic navigation system that allows you to select between routes like fast, direct routes or economic routes (consumption optimization) among other technology systems, one of which stands out is an intelligent system that recognizes speed limit traffic signs to provide information to the driver.


A reflection of the innovations is the line of e-Tron cars, which in addition to their beautiful design, also focus on the environment with 100% electric cars of enormous performance (up to 520 km), with ultra-fast charging systems (22.5 minutes for a charge to 80%) and exceptional performance, up to 100 km with only 5 minutes of charging; Who wouldn't want a vehicle like these even if it's a used car?




Safety is also one of the priorities of the Audi brand cars and not only in their navigation systems, such as the night vision assistant with pedestrian and animal marking light, which helps to avoid accidents and also, illuminate people on the road, great, right?, but as we mentioned, safety is an intrinsic part of the innovations and advances of the Audi brand and this is reflected in the Space frame technology, a high-resistance aluminum structure that fulfills a function of supporting loads and that, in addition, this aluminum structure offers high protection against impacts, offering advantages such as greater safety, performance, and improved maneuverability, Audi technology


Both technology and safety due to the functionality of its drivers are something that is a priority for this car brand, and for this reason, Audi has been very well received by car buyers in the UAE.



The most sold and bought Audi models in the Dubai used car market



Audi Q8


2022 RSQ8 SUV TFSI Quattro GCC Specs

2022 Q8 SUV TFSI Quattro GCC Specs

2021 Q8 SUV TFSI S-Line GCC Specs

2020 Q8 SUV TFSI S-Line GCC Specs

2019 Q8 SUV GCC Specs



Audi Q7


2022 Q7 SUV GCC Specs

2019 Q7 SUV GCC Specs

2018 Q7 SUV S-line GCC Specs

2016 Q7 SUV GCC Specs



Audi Q5

2018 Q5 SUV TFSI Quattro GCC Specs

2017 Q5 SUV S-Line GCC Specs

2014 Q5 SUV TFSI Quattro GCC Specs



Audi A8


2022 A8 TFSI Quattro Sedan GCC Specs

2021 A8 TFSI Quattro Sedan GCC Specs

2019 A8 TFSI Quattro Sedan GCC Specs

2020 A8 TFSI Quattro Sedan GCC Specs



Audi A5


020 A5 Sportback TFSI Sedan GCC Specs

2018 A5 S-Line Sedan GCC Specs

2017 A5 S-Line Sedan GCC Specs

2015 A5 S-Line Sedan GCC Specs


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