How to sell any car in the United Arab Emirates or Dubai?


Used cars buyers in the UAE are very diverse, and an example of this is that it is very common for a Dubai resident to change vehicle every 2 years, and this makes many people looking to sell their car after two or 3 years at least, also, of course, that there are those who prefer to buy a used car in good condition for different reasons such as, for example, having a car to go to work and another to travel with the family and this has generated a large used cars market, giving rise to some types from dealers who only want to buy trucks to repair them and sell them to companies, others who only want to buy luxury cars, in other cases there are those who are looking for very specific details such as brand, a model, a maximum mileage and of course, a base price, and not all dealers are willing to buy any car, and we mention this because this is a part of what you will find and start to filter between those who contact you and your options to sell and that's not all as you will see more ahead.

When you want to sell a used car, either because you want to change it, buy a new car, or simply change the model or another style that you like more, the sales process and the ease of this process will depend on many factors, but the experience or knowledge that one may have on how to sell the automobile effectively and quickly may vary depending on the type of vehicle, but it can be said that, in general, there are several alternatives on the market to be able to sell any car you have with its type and characteristics in the process, but we will show you the most general things that you should take into account so that you can achieve it even if you don't have any experience or knowledge on this process.

It is important to understand that depending on the option chosen, the process may be faster or more tedious, but we will show you several so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Let's see the options

Option 1: Direct sale to another person

Sell your vehicle to another person can be a good option of course, in general, this is something that many people do and even more by how it changed the medium and the different information options that exist today, because many years ago, finding the necessary information for the sales process could be a big problem, but that barrier today it is much smaller and what previously seemed "a problem" or "very difficult" may not be so at present, however, it doesn't want to say that the process to carry out the sale is something that can be done in only 30 minutes or less (well, we can, but that is something to more ahead), it is necessary to know the process, which can be quite "plaintiff" in time and we are talking about what is possibly something of more than just a few days because it usually takes weeks and sometimes more than one or two months; of course, you should also know the risks involved in carrying out this person-to-person sales process and you should be very careful.

What must be done to achieve a successful sale

Achieving a successful and fast sale is what we all want, and that's why we share the following tips and points to take into account and to apply in your process:

Transparency with information

If the buyer requests your car information on your type of use and your current conditions, you should not deny it. This will only make the potential buyer distrust you and very probably the sale doesn't happen.

Remember that always, the information you deliver should be reliable and if you can prove it, even better

Documentation at hand

Nothing better than a seller prepared and by the nature of this type of sale, you should be, the ideal is to have prepared documents such as:

- Original title of the purchase (to a person, a dealer, an import)

- Guarantee information (if it is still in warranty)

- Registration Card

- Driver's License

- Emirates ID

- History of service and maintenance (very important and will show that it has been well taken care of)

- Vehicle permit Application (Should be filled at the Dubai Traffic Police HQ or an RTA Licensing Center and both parties must be present, both the current owner and the new)

Sales agreement contract

It is important to make a vehicle sale agreement contract; it is very useful, and it describes:

- Date and location

- The legal parties are identified as “The buyer” and “The vehicle owner | Seller”, that is, the people with their name, legal identification, and personal data

- The type of transaction

- The terms and conditions are described, among them, the form of payment and its times

- The vehicle is described in its particular characteristics and conditions, such as

- Model

- Color

- Manufactured in

- GCC Specs

- Registration Number

- Engine Number

- Chassis number

- Mileage at delivery

- Particular conditions

Without bank loans and non-traffic fines,

You cannot sell a car if you have traffic fines or have an active bank loan. The law in the UAE establishes that you must pay the bank loan before; also cannot sell if it has traffic fines pending to pay, when you approach the Dubai Traffic Police Office or an RTA office, the verification will be made to be delivered through the form that must be filled by the authorization to sell your car and make the transfer to the new owner.

This is described on the RTA page, as you can see here:

Vehicle Online Selling Agreement - RTA UAE

  • “The customer must pay all traffic fines (Dubai and other emirates fines) before receiving this service.”
  • “If the vehicle was mortgaged, the customer must apply online and release the mortgage before receiving this service.”

You can pay through RTA webpage for any fines you have

  • Pay Dubai Traffic Fines Online
    Pro tip:
    Check option 3 if you want to sell even if you have fines or outstanding payments on a bank loan

When there is an urgency to sell

If you have urgency to sell and want to do this to a person, you must start from a very attractive price, something of the "unique opportunity" type

Just something to keep in mind:

Here we want to comment that there is another option, where you can get a fair and excellent offer very quickly and you will not have to sacrifice money to sell your car very fast, we invite you to continue towards option 3 once you have informed more through what you should do and what you should not do.

The right time to sell?

It is important to keep in mind, that although a car warranty is valid, it doesn't mean that the price of the vehicle will be maintained during those years.

The depreciation of a new vehicle is instantaneous once it is delivered to the user (between 10% or 15%), there is a stronger depreciation in its value after the first year and, in addition, the guarantee is also linked to a mileage limit, that is, it is linked to time or accumulated distance traveled by auto.

It is important to keep in mind that a warranty car period varies depending on the type, the manufacturer, the price, and, of course, the use, as we mentioned before

Then, if you are going to sell a car or even buy it, it is important to keep the above in mind, because just as many say that it is best to sell a vehicle after the third year or before a large mileage is accumulated, but this is a huge dependency that we can deal with more thoroughly later.

What you should not do in the sales process

Pay attention to the next, it will help you in different ways to achieve your goal

Show urgency to sell

When you show to any person, your need or desire to sell quickly, the other party inevitably will have an advantageous position and this will give to the potential buyer the opportunity to buy your vehicle at a lower price by making a much lower offer than you may think initially.

You should not hit posters in the car

The laws in UAE explicitly prohibit putting signs on the car's windows or painting them like "Selling a car, call me at phone number.”

We recommend to you explore Item 67 of the Ministerial Resolution No. 178 because if you do that, you could receive a fine and they will confiscate your automobile.

Beware of shared information

It is common to want to publish the contact information so that interested persons take the data and call or contact directly, however, remember that there are also scammers and thieves looking for opportunities and you should be careful and not rule this out as a possibility.

Take care of what you say

When you say something like "it is all proof", this can generate a very strong feeling of doubt that “it is happening something” because you want to make the vehicle look better than it really is in its condition or current state, that is what a potential buyer can deduce or think.

When a phrase like "the price is not negotiable" is used for anyone that tries to sell a used car, an inflexibility position is being established, so the potential buyer will tend to pay more attention to other similar options that could be open and you will lose an opportunity to sell the car or a large percentage, remember that the market always has many options.

Don’t hide information

If you try to hide damage from the vehicle or omit vital information, sooner or later this could come to light and you could have serious legal problems the buyer will take against you and the sanctions and consequences this will have for you.

Don't forget, even if the car is no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty period, you will not be free of responsibility, you will be responsible as long as you have modified, hidden, or omitted information that configures any form of deception towards the buyer, always the best thing is to be clear, honest and transparent and go-to professionals in the automotive field when you have doubts, this avoids lots of headaches and legal problems.

The insurance is not a plus for sale

Remember that insurance in certain cases cannot be transferred, so to say that the vehicle has insurance is not a sale argument that offers a "plus" because in many cases it is not possible to transfer it, before, make sure you can do it.

If you can transfer the insurance and you want to do this, it is a procedure that you must also perform on your own

Option 2: Sell your vehicle via consignment

In this type of case the vehicle is left in consignment for a third party to sell it; In this type of case, you must pay a commission on the sale price.

Before going to this type of option, keep in mind

- Check very well that the company is properly registered and authorized and is not a scam

- You must verify well, very well, the type of guarantees that they will give you before delivering your car in consignment for that they exhibit it and have it in their possession

- You should also be sure to carefully review the conditions in which it delivers their car and that there are no hidden payments that you should make or assume after the sale.

Option 3: Sell your car to a used car sales agency

Here is where we become an option for you, but so you can understand why this option can be very good for you, we will explain the advantages you will get with respect to the first option (sell the car yourself to a particular one)

- You will not have to invest a lot of hours by investigating a lot of information and racking your brain trying to understand a lot of factors that we can explain to you in a simple way

- You will not have to invest a lot of time trying to understand and determine how to evaluate the price of your car according to conditions, characteristics, time, use, kilometers (mileage), depreciation, brand, model, offer and market demand among many others aspects that must be taken into account, it sounds extensive, right? of course, it is when you are not an expert in the field and understanding it can take time, sometimes, a lot of.

- You should not invest hours and hours to get clean your bank loan

- You don’t have to worry about cleaning traffic tickets

- You will not have to publish your personal information on public websites or signs that you share with neighbors and others.

- You will not have to invest many hours on procedures and paperwork

- You will not risk being scammed or stolen in the sale process

- You will avoid wasting time with jokers or people who just want to look

- You will get a specialized advice

- Car evaluation by an expert will happen in a few minutes

Without commitments

- Company accredited and authorized by the RTA to buy and sell cars, solving fines and bank loans for you

- Sell the automobile without problems even when there is a bank loan or fines that you must resolve on your own in any other case

- Cash when closing the sale

- 30 minutes or less


Of course, these advantages we say with total security because we can provide it, thanks to our extensive experience (we are a company with more than 20 years in the car market) and that our offers are the best in the market.

Always make sure to evaluate the options in convenience, ease, practicality, and security

Now we have presented you with the options and the fundamental aspects that you must take into account in each one of them, we are going to show you how to prepare yourself and what you must take into account in general but of course, depending on the option you choose to sell your car, you will have to apply more or less than what we show you here, but, we are sure that you will find the information you need to advance easily and quickly

Option 4: Car dealer

The other way is to go to a car dealer who takes your used car as part of the payment for a new one, but in this type of case, it is likely that the value will be set below other types of offers that you would receive (because they need to sell it to any other third party or agency and there are more expenses), In addition, not just any type of automobile is received as part of payment, there are different conditions and you should evaluate very well if it is better and more profitable to sell your car with a specialized agency or deliver it as part of the payment for a new one, in addition, you should explore the "small letter" of the contract very well when accepting this type of transaction and make sure there are no subsequent payments that you must make regarding your vehicle as payment.

Now we are going to continue with the guide to inform and prepare you better in this process

How can you prepare your car to sell it?

What you must take into account before starting the sale process is:

Techno-Mechanical test

It is very important because with the test in an authorized technical center you will obtain information on the real conditions or state and you will be able to make the necessary corrections and repairs before selling it.

Remember, it's not just to get a better price, it's for safety and to avoid headaches later.


If the vehicle needs any type of mechanical repair or replacement, it is important that it be done and, above all, that this be done by a professional technical service that can certify the same (service history), since this will determine the quality of the repair (brake upgrade, tires, etc.), you will avoid any doubt and devaluation of the car because of this.


It is important to check essential aspects in the indicators on the dashboard, such as oil, coolant, windshield fluid, brake fluid, battery, and of course, gasoline, in this way you will have a vehicle in full condition for any test drive or evaluation.


Remember, the first impression always makes an impact and a clean vehicle (wash and wax) sells better, it is advisable in this type of case to go to an authorized cleaning service so that your vehicle is left with the best possible presentation and you get the best price.

Car interior

Taking care of the interior presentation of the vehicle is important. A clean automobile of dust, garbage and cushions, a dashboard, and others in excellent condition are ideal and what can give you a better price.

Evaluate your cushioning. If it is worn, damaged by use, or by the sun and heat, it might be a good idea to change the covers of the chairs to renew them.

Car Exterior

Not only should you wash it, but it is also important to check the exterior presentation for scratches, dents, the condition of the windshield wipers, the mirrors, and the windows.


It is important that you check the tires in their condition, not only in their presentation if the tires wear is a lot or if there are significant cracks or if the depth of the tread grooves is little, you should change them for new ones, in this type of case, the evaluation of a specialized technical service will help you determine their condition.

How to set the price of your used car?

Determining the price is something that can be quite tedious and demanding, it is certainly not something easy or simple to do when you don't have the knowledge of the market, the knowledge of how to value a vehicle according to its condition, and all those aspects that must be taken into account.

Keep in mind that this process takes into account many factors that, in many cases, have to be checked directly on the vehicle, but you can get an idea using Google and through online tools.

One way to review market prices is to check portals that sell cars similar to yours and have reference points such as the model, the brand, and its characteristics, you should review the data offered on each of the sites in order to get a general idea and try to generate a possible realistic sale price.

Remember that you will not be able to define a definitive price using this method, you will only be able to get an idea because you must also take into account who is publishing it, under what conditions, and other aspects that you probably won't find published in the portals or sites where the information is posted and even, the time of publication can give some clue or can confuse you and the last, it happens in a lot of times

You can also use our online valuation tool. We update it constantly.

  • Free online car valuation tool
    This tool can help you get a quick idea of the offer you could get, just remember, the vehicle must be evaluated and inspected by a professional in some of our locations and there you can get a more accurate offer from one of our experts without any commitment, if you don't want to sell us your car, there will be no problem.

The list price of a car

This is the price that, theoretically, a car can have for general factors, such as brand, model, average mileage, and its age, a tool like ours can help you have an approximate idea, but this "list price" in a used vehicle can vary by many other factors and that is why an inspection is necessary, for example, if the vehicle has higher mileage or has had accidents or repairs, the price could go down, as well as you could have a better price for other reasons, a simple example happens with the calculation of the price of a vehicle that is not GCCs vs one that does have GCC specs

Check the next article about GCC specifications

    Just an advice

    To value your vehicle, it is advisable to carry out the process in a similar vehicle as if you were going to buy it, but taking into account that you don't know anything about it beyond the information you can find and thus determine how much you would be willing to paying for, this will help you get a closer idea of what a potential buyer might be thinking.

    Keep in mind, that the point of view itself (even more when it is inexperienced) tends to ignore or minimize aspects and "magnify" others, seeing from a neutral and realistic position is always the best.

How to find buyers?

Finding buyers interested is not an easy thing many times, we know this from our experience in this market, but if you are trying to sell the vehicle on your own, it is important that you take into account aspects such as the following that can help you in the process.

Write a good ad

An advertisement with complete data in the information will always help a lot. This allows people to determine if it is the type of car they want for the price at which it is being set.

Excellent quality images

Nothing sells better than what can be seen with photos of excellent quality and presentation, therefore, take the best possible photos where you can see the car from its different sides, the condition of the engine, the tires, the interior, and the surface of the vehicle.

Remember to take photos of the featured items (modern dashboard, leather cushion, etc.)

Use classified websites

After you have the information and photos, you can go to classifieds websites, but when you do, keep the following in mind:


- The ad may be free, but it may have a limited period, although some have no limit and others charge for selling the car through the website with a commission

- The registration process, in general, is fast. You just need to have the vehicle information ready, as we have already indicated


- If the sites where you publish have a large public, you can get many interested parties, but this means that you will have to filter them, dedicate many hours, receive calls or emails that you must attend, and also, you must be careful with scammers or thieves; remember that you also you will need to invest time in those who just want to explore but are not potential buyers

- You can get “contacts” from bots and spam, yes, unwanted spam and you will have to deal with it

- If you publish your phone number or contact email, scammers who seek to deceive you other than the reason for your sale could contact you, be very careful

- You must remove the ads later if you don't want them to keep calling you after you sell the car, so don't forget to have the sites in a spreadsheet and its login access to them to be able to remove the information, if you don't do it, you could have calls or emails for a long time

Schedule a test drive

Before agreeing to a test drive with a potential buyer, be sure to solicit information and investigate their interest by asking questions that will help you examine their willingness to buy and their ability to determine if they are serious potential buyers if they are looking for financing, if they are going to pay in cash, how they intend to pay in the process, among other questions that you may ask and have.

A good exercise is to ask yourself what you would like to know about a car like yours and what you would ask to identify a potential buyer truly interested in your type of vehicle.

Important recommendations

- Never go alone to a test drive and ask your companion to make a video with their smartphone as backup and for security

- Never take a test drive at night, always take it during the day

- Verify that the person has a valid driver's license

- Check if the buyer has insurance

- Don't offer personal information or data about where you live or any other private data. Remember that some may be scammers looking for information.

Let the buyer become familiar with the car and answer any questions they have about it.

Once you have done the test drive and met someone interested, it is time to start negotiating the price.

How to make a secure transaction

Performing a secure transaction as payment for the car's sale is also important and even more, so when it is a person-to-person sale, therefore, we recommend you take into account the following:

- The ideal to receive payment is a safe place

- Scheduling the payment in a bank where both people meet and the money can be delivered and consigned without problems is ideal, in this way you avoid waiting for a transaction that will not happen

- It is important that the place you go has security cameras and the presence of the authorities, therefore, the ideal recommendation is to do it in the bank, which, moreover, becomes a very safe place and where money can be moved without problems

- Don't promise to go somewhere else even if they tell you it's to collect the money

- You must bear in mind that once you receive the payment, you must deliver the title, so naturally you must go prepared and before receiving the payment, you must show that you have everything ready for it and not generate mistrust.

- Don't deliver the vehicle's title without receiving the agreed-upon payment in full as set forth in the vehicle sales agreement contract.

- If the payment is made through a bank draft, transfer, or check, you must wait until it is fully validated by the bank and it is not possible to reverse the transaction.

How to transfer car ownership in Dubai or UAE

Once the agreement between the parties has been made (the seller and the buyer) for the sale, the property transfer process must be carried out, for which the following must be taken into account:

- You must visit an RTA-authorized center in Dubai to have the process done

Please note that, if the vehicle is registered in a different Emirate, you must go through the emirate transfer process, which you can do at the RTA office or Dubai Police office HQ and where you will be instructed on what to do and what documents you need and must bring

- You must bring the necessary documents described above (Driver's license, vehicle registration card, etc.)

- You must bring the insurance policy (If you don’t have one at the moment or have not renewed it, it can be purchased at the RTA centers)

- If the car had a bank loan and you have paid it off, ask the bank for the release letter to present it at the RTA

- The car must pass the test required by the RTA and is valid for 30 days

Things you should do after you sell it

- Deliver a sales receipt to the buyer for the payment made (total)

- You must provide the buyer with the vehicle warranty if it is still valid (or a copy)

- Remove any personal item you have inside the vehicle, check the different pockets of the seats, the glove box, and under the seats in case something has fallen

- You must deliver the sets of keys, accessories, service history, and other records associated with the vehicle

- Talk to your insurance company to cancel your policy or make the transfer to the new owner if this is possible. They will advise you on the process that must be carried out

- Make sure to unlink our account in the Salik RTA system for the vehicle sold so no toll charges, fines, or taxes are charged, because if you don’t remove it, these fees will continue to be charged to you and not to the new owner (there is no automatic transfer)

Now you have a guide to know what you should do for any car you have and want to sell, whether you are going to do it directly, through a consignment, or with an agency, if you want to sell quickly and without complications, without investing a lot of time and money in the process, bring us your vehicle or contact us, We Buy Any Car and give you cash in a few minutes.




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