Know how simple is our process to buy any used car

How does our process work?

The first thing you must understand is that our process can have two components, one online (virtual and optional) and the other offline (face-to-face and necessary), why?, that is what we are going to explain to you



The online valuation tool

Our company offers you a free online valuation tool that is very simple to use. You only need to enter the following information:

  • The car's make
  • The model
  • Year
  • The traveled mileage
  • The condition of your vehicle (it is a general approximation)

Also, you need to provide your contact information to be able to send you the valuation



What is important to note about this online valuation?

Although we constantly update our online valuation tool with current data, this tool offers information that is subject to verification and in-person inspection of the vehicle by one of our experts, why? because this valuation cannot and should not be understood as a final or partial offer of your car because the condition of the vehicle must be verified and this is something important to understand because we don't only do it for the safety and consistency of the information, we need to verify specific information that is relevant by visual inspection, but also for legal requirements since we are governed by the procedures established by the RTA as a legal company that follows our UAE laws and naturally, we must ensure to comply with the rules and to have and deliver the correct information to the authorities when we became car owners.



Do I need to do an online valuation with the tool before visiting one of the CashYourCarUAE branches?

No, it is not necessary, but our tool can help you to have an idea as an estimate (or approximate) and if after verifying the vehicle in situ the information corresponds to the inspection of our experts, then the offer that one of our representatives will provide, most likely be in line with the valuation our tool, but remember, this online valuation is for informational purposes only, it is carried out with limited information and without the expertise of an automotive expert and doesn't represent a formal offer.


Note: please remember that to receive the valuation, you must accept our terms of use (T&C)



On-site vehicle inspection at one of our locations

This is the final step before we buy your vehicle, you can visit us even if you have not used our online valuation tool


When you visit us, the basic information of the vehicle will be considered (what we mentioned before) as well as other specific information about your car and once the inspection of your vehicle by our specialist is completed, you will receive a formal offer without any commitment or obligation and if you decide to sell us your car, we will be happy to buy it and pay you in cash or your preferred method.



What documents do you need to bring when you visit us at one of our locations with your vehicle?

The documents you must bring are:

  • ID
  • Registration card
  • Service history (if applicable)
  • Loan balance (if applicable)



What happens if I have a bank loan or unpaid fines? Will the company still buy my car?

The answer is yes, the amount will be deducted from the offer we make for your vehicle and we take care of the paperwork (yes, that you must do in other cases, with a lot of time, spending money, etc.) with the bank or the payment of the fine and you don't have to worry about anything.



How long does this inspection process and closing the purchase take?

30 minutes or less, there are very rare cases where it can take more time, but if you need it, no problem, our specialist will be there for you.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly answer any doubt.



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