Answering common questions through our FAQs

We have compiled the list of frequently asked questions that our customers ask us, if your question is not covered here, you can contact us through our email, phone or also, one of our local Branch managers will be happy to help you.



You can know the essential aspects about our process on this page

Our database contains information for GCC spec cars and imported cars built with GCC specs for over than 20 years (since 2000)


If you are unable to receive an online valuation from our website for your vehicle, please call or email us at with the following details:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Your location


One of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.


Important note: If you cannot find an exact match for your vehicle make and model on our site, we recommend that you DO NOT choose the closest model because doing so will not provide you with a closer valuation, Instead, contact us by email or phone to get the most accurate valuation possible, otherwise, there is no guarantee that the value generated by our valuation system will match your particular car make and model when you bring it in for an on-site inspection and appraisal.

We buy cars whether they are running or not!, that's one of the reasons why we say we buy any car, however, please note you must arrange to transport the vehicle to us for an on-site appraisal.


If you need guidance about local recovery truck companies, one of our representatives will provide you this information.


If you would like to discuss the specific circumstances of your vehicle, please contact one of our representatives through phone, email or visiting one of our branches.

Yes, you can, we require that you get a letter of authorization (i.e., Power of Attorney) from the vehicle's registered owner; the payment and transaction details need to match the owner’s name on the vehicle’s title.

Yes, just bring the following:

  • Your Picture ID
  • You need to provide a signed letter from an authorized company representative that allows you to sell the vehicle.
  • Both sets of car keys (if available).
  • Any vehicle-related documents and manuals.
  • The vehicle’s registration card and title/current payoff letter (if applicable).

Thanks to the RTA authorization we have, we can pay off any outstanding balance on your car loan (up to the price we bought your car for)


Simply bring us the current document from your bank showing your outstanding loan amount, we will pay the loan for you and deduct the amount from the price we offer to purchase your car.


We will not pay back a loan that exceeds the amount we offer to purchase your car.


Please note that payment from us will take 3-4 days to be received by your finance company; Your bank may take up to 5 business days before crediting the funds to your account.


What if I owe more than the car is worth but want to sell it?

If you owe more on your car loan than we offer, we'll still be happy to buy it, however, you will pay us the rest of your outstanding loan balance when we buy your car

No, we can only pay the legal owner of the vehicle. If you are selling the car on behalf of the owner, we can only pay the designated bank account of the legal owner.

Our online valuations are comprised of information you provide besides used car market factors that change every day, the more accurate information you provide about your car's features and condition, the more likely we will provide a precise value for your vehicle, however, we will not make a final offer until we make an onsite inspection by our experts.

Used car valuations are subject to change daily; these changes can be minor or very significant, to receive an accurate valuation, we encourage you to complete a new valuation on our site to receive the most up-to-date value information.



Do you pay the amount given in the online valuation?

All valuations issued on our website are subject to an on-site inspection of the car and don't represent an offer with commitment to purchase for said value, one of our representatives must verify the details and condition of your vehicle to confirm the online valuation that was received from us.

Car valuations issued by the must be inspected by one of our trained representatives; an inspection allows us to gather further information about your car to provide a more accurate and fair offer based on the information you provided online and our knowledge of the used car market.


Your vehicle's details and condition must be confirmed through an onsite inspection by one of our representatives before we can buy your car.

Sorry, at the time, we do not offer car pick-up services.

You can do it after receiving an online assessment and scheduling the appointment online immediately, we will send you a confirmation email.


A representative of ours will give you a courtesy call to answer any questions you may have and remind you of the documents needed for the inspection at one of our branches.

Of course yes, however, if you haven't made an appointment online, we recommend calling our call center to ensure availability and you don’t have to wait unnecessary time.

In our office hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Saturday to Thursday.

To ensure that the person selling the vehicle is the actual owner, we require:

  • An official form of identification, such as a passport or valid driver’s license. Your ID must match the name and address on the vehicle registration card.
  • All vehicle-related documents and manuals.
  • Service history (if available)
  • The vehicle registration card (mulkiya).
  • If your vehicle has any outstanding financing, we need a current payoff letter from the bank that provides the loan settlement amount.

The process should take 30 minutes on which you will accompany one of our trained representatives during the onsite inspection of the vehicle and then be invited to join the representative for a quick test drive.


Upon completing the test drive, the branch manager will provide you with an offer and if you are satisfied with the amount of money offered, you will fill out some simple paperwork to pay you cash on the spot or your preferred method, that's what will happen in half an hour or less.


Please note that without test-driving your vehicle, we might still want to buy it, however, this may reduce the amount of cash we will offer for your car.

You can receive cash on the spot or any other payment method you prefer

No, your online valuation and onsite inspection are entirely free, regardless of whether you choose to sell us your car, you are not obligated or committed in any way.



Do you have any other questions that are not answered here?, call or contact us and we will solve it

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