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Know how much your used car’s worth in Dubai with our online calculator

Use our free car valuation tool

Are you looking to know how much your used car is worth right now?, we know that calculating the price of a used car is a complicated process, very, and it gets even more complicated when you try to sell it, but the first problem to solve is knowing the current price of the car in the current market and we can help you know it.

Our calculator algorithm incorporates the updated market data to generate an estimated car value, now you no longer have to spend many hours and money for days or maybe weeks trying to come up a fair estimate price of your vehicle to sell this as fast as possible, we can give you an estimate of its value in a few minutes!

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How does our car valuation tool work and do we calculate the value?

Our company constantly compiles updated market information in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah through different sources both official and market-specific in its different companies and, of course, from our own transactions and the information provided by buyers, strategic partners, among others, all which is used to analyze and calculate the value of a car through our algorithms, for this our database incorporates hundreds of information data on the characteristics of the vehicles and the market, such as the manufacturer, specific make, brand, model, year of manufacture, mileage, data from the manufacturers themselves, market information on the value, interior and exterior condition, depreciation factors, market demand among other statistical data that must be taken into account when valuing a car.

All this data is integrated into our analysis database and algorithm so that, with it and a very small group of information data that you enter in our tool, we can offer a very good estimate of its current market value.

Why might the car’s value be less than what I think itl should be?

There are different factors that may be the reason, some of the most relevant are:

  • Non-GCC Specifications
  • Bad internal condition
  • Poor outside condition
  • Serious mechanical problems
  • High mileage
  • Incomplete service history
  • Very particular customizations

Can the value be different between what the online tool gives me as estimation and what CashYourCarUAE offers me after the inspection at one of the branches?

It is possible, for example, the time between the review of the tool and your visit to one of our offices may be a factor due to changes in the supply and demand of the market, as it could go up, it could also go down, this, because this It is a very dynamic market and values change frequently.

The value can also change if the information was not quite close to the reality of the vehicle's condition or there is a problem detected at the time of testing.

How can I get the highest value for my car?

You could try to sell the car on your own while you wait for the right buyer, this could offer you a higher value in a person-to-person negotiation, but you must take into account what this implies and the expenses and time invested that it implies.

Of course, if you keep your car in very good condition and with the service history, you could get more money than if you don't.

We recommend the following guide that has information to help you understand the options available to sell your car

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What benefits do I get from using this tool?

This tool evaluator is very useful because it can help you understand how to value your car, especially if you have never sold a car or are not an expert in the area, and best of all, it will give you a very good estimate of the value at the current time.

It will help you avoid being scammed by someone who wants to take advantage of your ignorance and therefore you can lose money

You have the confidence of obtaining an estimate of the value of your car provided by a company with a long history in the market, more than 20 years, and if you wish, you can approach one of our offices to obtain a more accurate valuation by being reviewed by one of our specialists and even receive a cash offer

If you are thinking of selling your car, use our tool and come visit us, we will do an inspection and in less than 30 minutes we will make you a cash offer.

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