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Know how much your used car’s worth in Dubai with our online calculator

Use our free car valuation tool

Are you looking to know how much your used car is worth right now? We know that calculating the price of a used car is a complicated process, and it gets even more complex when you try to sell it. The first problem to solve is to determine the car's current price in the current market, and we can help you find it.

Our calculator's algorithm incorporates the updated market data to generate an estimated car value. Now you no longer have to spend money days or maybe weeks trying to come up with a fair estimate price for your vehicle to sell it as fast as possible. We can give you an estimate of its value in a few minutes!

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How does our car valuation tool work, and do we calculate the value?

Our company compiles updated market information in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah through official and market-specific sources. Our database incorporates data such as make, brand, model, and mileage to generate an estimate.

All this data is integrated into our analysis database and algorithm so that we can offer a very good estimate of its current market value with it and the very minimum information data that you enter into our tool.

Why might the car’s value be less than what I think it should be?

Different factors may be the reason. One of the most common mistakes people make is pricing their used car incorrectly. You must consider all the factors that can affect the car sale value. Some of the most relevant are:

  • Non-GCC Specifications

    If the car doesn't meet GCC specifications ( The specifications established by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for vehicles), it will fetch a lower price.

  • Bad internal and external conditions

    Car condition is the most important factor affecting car price. If the car is damaged from the outside or inside, it will decrease the cost drastically. A well-kept, clean car is always in demand.

  • Serious mechanical problems

    Cars with serious mechanical issues will lose more value than a well-maintained vehicle. So keeping the car engine in good condition is necessary for your safety and ensures a reasonable resale price for your car.

  • High mileage

    The more kilometers the odometer displays, the less money people are likely to pay for the car. This does not mean that you will not be able to sell a vehicle with a high kilometer reading, but it does mean you will have to adjust the price to reflect it.

  • Incomplete service history

    If you cannot provide service history, it will affect the car prices. It will indicate the car hasn't been serviced by the service center, showing that the car might have problems. The service history is essential when selling a car. Keep meticulous records of any maintenance on it.

  • Accident history of car

    If the car has been in an accident and had work done, the resale value will be lower. This includes vehicles that look brand new. It is simple for potential buyers to check the car's history and learn about any damage it has suffered.

  • Color and Customization

    Some car colors are highly in demand, but buyers do not like some colors. Such colored cars will fetch less price. Some particular customization will also negatively affect your car price.

  • Car Model

    Some car models are easy to sell than others. This can depend on the latest trends' demand or the area where you are looking to sell the vehicle.

Can the value be different between what the online tool gives me as an estimation and what CashYourCarUAE offers me after the inspection at one of the branches?

Our online valuations are comprised of information you provide besides used car market factors that change daily. The more accurate information you provide about your car's features and condition, the more likely we will give a precise value for your vehicle, however. We will not make a final offer until we make an onsite inspection by our experts. He will collect more information to give a final offer.

Value can change if the information is not quite close to the reality of the vehicle's condition or if a problem is detected at the time of testing.

How can I get the highest value for my car?

To ensure a high resale value for your car, it's essential to have your vehicle serviced regularly. That means changing the oil every 10,000-15,000km depending on make/model, having the tires rotated and replaced when they become worn, changing the timing belt when necessary, adjusting your alignment, and any other maintenance services your car might require. Keeping a detailed record of the services performed on your car means you’ve kept the car well maintained throughout its life and generally increases the value of the vehicle. Of course, being involved in a major accident will decrease your car's overall worth. But keeping detailed records of any repairs made post-collision can help limit how drastically the value of your car decreases.

However, just because your car has been in a major accident or required massive repairs, that doesn’t mean you have to accept an unreasonably low offer for your car. Junkyards aren’t the only option for older, more weathered vehicles. We’ll consider all the factors that alter your car’s worth before we present you with our fairest and final offer.

We recommend the following guide that has information to help you understand the options available to sell your car:

What benefits do I get from using this tool?

This car evaluation tool is very useful because it can help you understand how to value your car, especially if you have never sold a car or are not an expert in the area, and best of all, it will give you a very close estimate of the value of your car at the current time.

It will help you avoid being scammed by someone who wants to exploit your ignorance, and therefore you can lose money.

You have the confidence of obtaining an estimate of the value of your car provided by a company with a long history in the market, more than 20 years. You can approach one of our offices to obtain a more accurate valuation by being reviewed by one of our specialists and even receive a cash offer.

Suppose you choose to calculate the value of your vehicle on your own. In that case, our online car valuation calculator is guaranteed to provide the most competitive price compared to what others may be selling their same make and model for. Take our word for it by finding a couple of classified ads with a car close to the same condition as yours and compare what those people are selling their car for to what Cash Your Car UAE wants to give you for yours. Remember that you won’t always know why people pick the price they do to sell their cars. Some sellers will advertise a malfunctioning vehicle for cheaper than what the value would be if the engine were working properly, but not mention the repairs that will be needed. Other sellers attempt to sell their vehicles for well over the market price for seemingly no reason. This can create confusion for a seller trying to ask for a reasonable price while selling their car through a private buyer.

Cash Your Car UAE has done market research on a long list of brands, but on the rare chance you’re selling a car not provided on the online valuation tool, no worries! We still want to buy your car. Just send us an email with the make and model of your vehicle, along with specific details about any dings or dents, and our experts will get back to you swiftly! We don’t mind doing a little extra research to ensure you get the best price for your car.

If you are thinking of selling your car, use our tool and visit us, we will do an inspection, and in less than 30 minutes we will make you a cash offer.

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