World’s Most Expensive Limousines

MOst expensive limousine


The limousine is basically like the boss of all luxury cars. It’s great and can allow passengers to sit back, relax enjoy the ride while being entertained by some of the best and shocking features ever put into a vehicle. Everybody knows that when you see a limo, that particular person riding in it is definitely swimming in cash. Want an example of expensive, luxurious ground transportation? Well, there you have it, the limo symbolizes anything from pure consumption to great power, and since government officials worldwide use them. If you’re old enough, you must’ve seen people in it, especially if you’re a girl it’s almost definite that you’ve tried to make your grand entrance at prom in a limo right? Been there, done that. Not only prom, It also symbolizes special occasions such as weddings, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, funerals, major business openings, and major awards ceremonies. Apart from the rich, politicians and high government officials also often use limousines. The limousine industry is worth over $4 billion a year in the United States alone. It is not an insignificant sector of the economy as there are probably more than 4,000 limousine companies around that employ over 42,000 people.

Here you have it, some of the world’s most expensive limousines to have existed.

Great Wall Hover Pi.

A company based in China, The Great Wall Motors has the distinction of being the first Chinese automobile manufacturer to export cars in significant quantities to the western world. This happened in 2006 when the company exported 30,000 units of their car model to Italy. The company eventually had a limousine version called the Great Wall Hover Pi. With the price tag of $33,750, this car easily earns a spot in the countdown.

Lamborghini Aventador stretch limo

A limo fitted with Lamborghini’s 6.5-liter V12 engine (which pushes up to 700 horsepower) was designed in 2013. The limousine company ‘Cars for Stars’ designed the concept for a Lamborghini Aventador stretch limo. Aside from the looks and power of a Lamborghini, the interior would be custom fitted with everything you would expect from a high-end limo. This vehicle carries a price tag of an unknown amount this car’s significance has quite earned itself the spotlight.

Cadillac XTS limousine

Being a long wheelbase version of the XTS sedan, the Cadillac XTS entered the market in 2012. Coming with a great 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine, which can turbocharger up to 410 hp this car has earned a name for itself. It has a six-speed automatic transmission and torque of 369 lb-ft. The vehicle also has a front engine layout with all-wheel drive capability, which is mostly assembled in either Ontario in Canada or Shanghai in China. In possession of a price tag of $48,635, this car writes its name itself.

Million Euro Minis

Believe it or not, the most expensive Mini Cooper in the world is PINK, you read right.  The “Million Euro Mini” which is owned by Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan. The interior includes a 47 inch TV screen, 70 TFT monitors, 30 parking sensors, and 20 parking camera. The body is covered in over one million tiny Swarovski crystals. Each wheel has an eight-centimeter crystal in the middle. The window films are made up of about 50 grams of pure gold. That’s a lot for just a small limousine, but it is a limousine, right?

Midnight Rider

The Midnight Rider, designed in 1986 also known as the world’s largest for-hire limousine, it screams nothing but originality. This limo is constructed out of a tractor-trailer body and can hold up to 40 passengers. It has three separate lounge areas all equipped with 1,800-watt speaker systems. The trailer includes an onboard night club complete with DJ and a full-size bar with bartenders. The Midnight Rider is worth an estimated $2.5 million and it holds the world record for being the world’s heaviest limousine. As expected.