Volkswagen: VW is About to launch I.D. Buzz in 2022

Volkswagen Buzz Mini van

Volkswagen one of the most famous automobile company is returning to one of its most iconic vehicles, the 1960s Microbus, and will relaunch a modern electric version based on the I.D. Buzz concept in 2022.

I.D. Buzz electric van without specifying whether or not the U.S. market would be able to buy one, Volkswagen has made it official. Selling Electric car is a new thing in the market. The automaker will sell the I.D. Buzz to customers in the United States, although those customers will have to wait a few years for the privilege.

The vehicle will be aimed at buyers in North America, Europe, and China and will come in passenger and cargo van models. VW also says the bus will be a strong part of its strategy for autonomous transportation.

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VW’s promises for the electric van  get zero to 60 in less than five seconds & 250-plus-mile driving range, passenger and cargo versions, and available autonomous capabilities. 

The news was confirmed Saturday one day before the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance as VW seeks to reconnect the Buzz with its predecessor’s easy-going California surfer vibe from the 1960s.

Volkswagen describes the production model as a compact four-door with the batteries mounted in the floor. It will have a long wheelbase with short overhangs, elevated seating and available all-wheel drive. It will be based on VW’s new purpose-built electric architecture.

But it is a fully functional one. Walk up and glide your fingers along a touch-panel situated within the car’s inset beltline and the doors open themselves automatically. Hop in and they close themselves, too — just like the Model X. To go, just step on the brake pedal and press the “D” on the steering wheel. The gear illuminates and away you go, though since there’s no actual autonomy here it’s up to you to keep both hands on the oddly shaped but comfortable wheel.

VW made the call to produce the I.D. Buzz after strong reaction to the concept that debuted in January at the Detroit Auto Show.

“This vehicle is the perfect balance between emotion, usability and sustainability, while also showcasing our technological leadership,”

VW’s North American Region CEO, Hinrich Woebcken, said in a statement.

The high seating position, cargo capacity, overall versatility and all-wheel drive option packaged into such an appealing design is just what our customers want from us. And it’s the perfect fit for the zero-emissions American lifestyle.”

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