UAE Car Export Rules and Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide

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UAE Car Export Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unique–and highly specific–export rules and regulations for cars. Understanding and following UAE car export regulations is crucial for buyers and sellers looking to venture into the nation’s expansive automotive market. This knowledge helps simplify international trade while ensuring you make safe and smart decisions about buying or selling a vehicle.

So, what are the most important UAE car export regulations, and what should you know about the UAE car export process? Read more to learn everything about car exports in the UAE before you move forward.

Car Export Documentation UAE to Obtain a Vehicle Export Certificate

For Individuals

To meet applicable regulations for car export from the UAE, you must collect proper documentation to prove your legitimacy and intentions. Exporting cars in the UAE as an individual requires you to have access to the following critical documentation:

  • Your Emirates ID
  • A handover of vehicle plates to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
  • Proof of vehicle technical inspection for vehicles with an expired license or non-licensed vehicles
  • A vehicle insurance certificate and valid insurance documents
  • Your vehicle mortgage clearance certificate from the bank for leased vehicles
  • The vehicle clearance (VC) certificate, is also known as the transfer of ownership certificate, vehicle possession certificate, and ownership certificate.
  • For individuals who want the vehicle exported under a different name, new insurance for export plates is required
  • The traffic file for the applicant or a passport for individuals without a traffic file/who are not UAE residents

For Businesses

Businesses have to meet unique requirements for the UAE car export process. Below are the documents necessary for businesses when exporting cars in the UAE:

  • The vehicle’s clearance certificate
  • An official letter written in Arabic and provided by the organization under consideration
  • A memorandum of association (MOA) in Arabic, depending on requirements for trading activities
  • A vehicle technical inspection for non-licensed vehicles or vehicles with an expired license
  • A copy of the organization’s trade license
  • A bank-issued NOC if the vehicle in question was purchased on lease
  • The proper insurance documents for exporting
  • The vehicle mortgage clearance
  • The number plate of the vehicle or a police report of the number plate is not available

Understanding UAE Car Export Regulations: Eligibility Criteria

Obtaining a vehicle export certificate in the UAE requires you to meet specific eligibility requirements:

Price of Getting Vehicle Export Certificates in the UAE

As you navigate the UAE car export process, knowing what you can expect to pay for successful exporting is essential. Below is an overview of what you can expect to pay depending on the vehicle you’re looking to export:

  • Light vehicles: AED 100
  • Vehicles between 3 and 12 tons: AED 100
  • Vehicles over 12 tons: AED 100
  • Buses with seating for 14 to 26 passengers: AED 50
  • Buses with seating exceeding 26 passengers: AED 100
  • Motorcycles: AED 100
  • Light mechanical equipment: 100 AED
  • Heavy mechanical equipment: 100 AED
  • Knowledge and innovation costs: AED 20

Applying for a Vehicle Export Certificate in the UAE

There are several ways to apply for a vehicle export certificate in the UAE. Below are four available options to consider as you approach this process:

1. Applying for a Certificate Through the RTA Website

You can easily apply for a vehicle export certificate through the RTA website through the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account or create an account through the RTA website
  2. Search through the services section to find “vehicle export certificate” services
  3. Complete the online form to apply for a vehicle export certificate
  4. Upload all necessary documents mentioned in the previous sections
  5. Complete the payment for export fees
  6. Track your application’s status online through the RTA website to see if you have received certification

2. Applying for a Certificate Through Customer Happiness Centers

Places like Dubai have customer happiness centers where you can complete the vehicle export certificate application process. This process is possible through the following steps:

  • Visit a happiness center in Dubai to begin the application process.
  • Bring all required documents to the center and provide them with everything required.
  • Receive and complete an application form, attaching the required documents before applying.
  • Pay the complete service fee for the application to the center’s representative.
  • Include your old car license plate with your application form and attached documents.
  • You can receive certification after your information and application are verified and approved. Those interested in getting an export number plate can pay an additional fee and receive the plate from the happiness center.

3. Applying for a Certificate Through the Dubai Drive Application

Another option to receive your vehicle export certificate is to apply for the certificate through the Dubai Drive application or website. Using the Dubai Drive app/website to complete your application is possible through the following steps:

  • Download the Dubai Drive application and log in, or log in through the website.
  • Navigate to the RTA services section and choose “Vehicle Export Certificate”  from the list of available RTA services.
  • Complete the application and upload all required documents.
  • Pay the applicable fees to complete the application process.
  • Once you’ve submitted your application, you can monitor its progress online or through the app.
  • You can pick up your certificate at a customer happiness center.

4. Applying for a Certificate Through Vehicle Registration Centers

There are several vehicle registration centers across the UAE where you can apply to receive your vehicle export certificate. Determine whether a vehicle registration center near you allows you to complete the certification application process by contacting the center.

Find More About UAE Vehicle Regulations

Whether you want to buy or sell a vehicle, knowing everything about UAE vehicle rules and regulations is a must. Navigating the intricacies of car exports from the UAE is possible with the proper resources to guide you through the process.

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