Top 6 Fastest & Rarest Muscle Cars In America


New technologies means updates thus leading to new desires. However , out of this group there are a bunch who still prefer classy over new. Who doesn’t want the old muscle car powered with a V-8 engine, right? Ok maybe not everyone but the ones who do know well. After reading this you’ll probably want one for yourselves even if your not a fan.

• 1970 Plymouthhemi-superbird


After the success of plymouths roadrunner line, this automobile was designed in 1970. It was unique and had special features like the wing like spoiler which was high mounted , a 426 cubic inch hemi engine fitted in the car and many MOPAR high performance parts. Another eccentric yet quite amazing feature is the horn which sounds a lot like the loony tunes roadrunner. This model made an exception and only built 135 of these.

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• 1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPOZL1


This had to be a undersized car with an oversized engine. Camaro released this car after the L88 version, it was like a predecessor, borrowed some parts of the car but updated it. It was a great car and came in various options for the engine. The L88 engine this time was made completely out of Aluminium instead of sheer metal. Rumors said that it could produce 436 horsepower but in fact it could produce 560 horsepower. Only 69 of these automobiles were built.

• 1967 Ford Fairlane 500R-Code


The ford fair lane was introduced in 1955 where they had several incredible features like the Aluminum scatter shield around the clutch. Later in 1962 a ford fair lane thunderbolt was launched which was designed to compete with the muscle cars of that current era. This then became the base of the cobra and Torino lines. Later, in 1967 an updated version was created. The 500 R had a horsepower up to 425 and, I know what you are thinking, The R does signify something and it comes from the dual quad carburetors of the car.

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• 1969 FordMustang boss 429


It was said that there was a package of $1200 which provided you with 375 hp (hp meaning horsepower) if you wanted to travel with speed and comfort the ford was your car, Shelby built this initially to compete with chevy. Soon Chevy started to loose track. This car was built as a racing car. It is said that boss was probably making around 475 hp back in it’s day.

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• 1967 Plymouth R023 GTX


Despite being shadowed by other roadrunners and the barracuda lines, the updated version of the GTX was quite impressive. It was lighter compared to the early model even though it was fit with a 426 cubic engine. This time they also got rid of the unnecessary components like the carpets, body insulation, heater, hubcaps and the radio. It had larger hood scoops to let the air flow. This model had 55 cars made. Have to admit, pretty impressive for a 60’s car right?

• 1971 Plymouth hemi cuda convertible


This car was incredible as it has various options for the engine it could go all the way from 340 to 440 cubic inches. It is known as one of the most rarest and the finest out of the classic cars. Rare considering only 21 of these were built. Most people prefer the 440+6 as it is only $250 more than the base.

These are one of the rarest and fastest classic muscle cars in the history of America. Feel like buying one? Head to a showroom now and name it yours!