Top 10 TV & Movie Cars That You Would Love to Drive

Top 10 TV & Movie Cars That You Would Love to Drive 2017-18

10 TV and Movie Cars We Would Love to Drive

All cars that have marked the history of cinema and television series are described below. Inaccessible dreams for fans!

Lorean DMC-12

Remember, it is a fantastic car that Marty and his friend Doc, the hero of “Back to the future” traveled in time. Lorean sold a few years before its manufacturer went bankrupt in the early 1980s. Nearly 40 years later, this legendary car is about to make a comeback on the roads: a new model is announced for 2017.

Even if no price has been communicated by the manufacturer, specialists estimate it around 90,000 Euros.

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Ford Mustang GT 390


Steve McQueen was driving this Mustang in the movie Bullit, famous for its pursuit race in the streets of San Francisco. The models of the car, as well as the release of the film date, are from 1968.

Its rating is estimated at around 30,000 Euros.

Ferrari 308


Magnum, the famous private detective with Hawaiian shirts had won his Ferrari following a bet.

It’s rating for version 308 GTB is estimated at around 71,000 Euros.

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Peugeot 304


Inspector Columbo was at the wheel of the famous car of the series broadcast between 1968 and 2003.

Its rating is estimated between 4,100 and 9,000 Euros (for its convertible version).

Volkswagen Ladybug “Choupette”

The famous “choupette” was released in 1968, as was the movie A ladybug love.

Its rating is estimated at around 8,000 Euros.

Ford Gran Torino


Starsky and Hutch drove the famous white zebra car in the series shot between 1975 and 1979.

Its rating for versions without white bands is estimated between 6,000 and 9,000 Euros.

Toyota Supra


This 1993 car was driven by Mark Wahlberg, the hero of “Fast and Furious”.

Its rating is estimated at around 185,000 Euros.

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Aston Martin DB5


Sean Connery drove this car in the movie “Gold Finger” in 1964.

Its rating is estimated at around 700,000 Euros.

Citroen DS 1972


In the Mentalist series, Simon Baker is driving a 1972 DS.

Its rating is estimated around 11,000 Euros.

Toyota 200 GT


Sean Connery was at the wheel of this model in the movie We only live twice in 1967.

Its rating is estimated around 600,000 Euros.