Top 10 Tricks to Make Your Car Cleaner

Top 10 Tricks to Make Your Car Cleaner Than Ever
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Winter’s on its peak and our car has sure been through a lot and that is why a proper cleansing is required.  Rusts and other stuff can sure be stressful as it can take a lot of charges. Salt stains, cars, carpet, winter, cleaning, spring cleaning, wax, polish, upholstery, cleaning is what winter leaves us with so it’s time we get to work.

Winter is probably the harshest season for cars. Here, we provide some tips for cleaning of your car.

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  • Washing the exterior


Car washes can be great once in a while but not always because they don’t get through the edges and this wont determine which places are needed of the most attention either. Clutter is annoying as well so get rid of clutter too. It can make the driver uncomfortable all the while. Mark a date on your calendar as cleaning day and give your car a thorough wash. Wet the car apply some soap and rinse, later dry it with a microfiber cloth and make sure you tend to the places which need the most attention. Try using coke, if there are any rusts

  • Get the Pressure Washer Out


A high pressure hose or water pipe is essential for the undercarriage cleaning. It will remove all the salt and grease of the car. Try to go under as much as possible and keep spraying it until you’re confident that it’s all gone.

  • Vacuum the Inside

You don’t just have to wash from outside but you have to clean your car from inside as well, because gravity dictates that stuff stirred up works its way floorward. Also, yank out the salt-caked floor mats for a quick pass with the vacuum. Then use a house or shop vac and a rigid tool such as a screwdriver to work dirt out of the creases.

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  • Spring Clean with a Coat of Wax


The car can lose its shine once in a while and get some scratches or lose its color. Waxing will reverse that and give you a shiny car once again. It doesn’t only shine but also adds additional protection. This time around this is important. Try using multiple waxes and a preferable one would be carnauba wax.  Be sure to stay away from direct sunlight.

  • Clean the glass

Consider this job the last as dirt and muck can get all over the glass. For this, use glass cleaning liquid and a clean towel. Clean it properly and thoroughly and from the inside make sure you clean the dust near it or the glass will get dirty. While cleaning the sensitive mirrors like the head and rear mirrors spray on the cloth and not directly on the mirror as it can leak in and damage.

  • Vacuum the floor


Vacuum the whole car from top to bottom, lift the mats, the seats everything. You might also want to avoid snacks (we all know their irresistible) while, your eyes are on the road you don’t know how many tiny crumbs fall, so make sure to get all of the places. After that also wash the floor mats if there are any unnecessary stains. The kids seat too, they are kids after all.

  • Clean the seats


Clean the seats, you might not know this but up to 1000 uninvited passengers are on your seats. Firstly, vacuum the seats and all the hidden areas. Got leather seats? Then use leather cleaning spray followed by the leather conditioner and make sure you don’t scrub too hard. Got fabric seats? Use normal cleaning solutions and scrub hard and leave them spotless. When you’re leaving them to dry a good idea is to clean the cup holders and the compartments on the doors and any other spaces.

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  • Clean the wheels


Pay some extra attention to the tires. When you hit the brakes a piece of your tire comes off. Knowing that we still need to keep our tires replenished and to revive them, clean them. Use brushes to remove the dust through the small details and rinse them water later.

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Some Essential maintenance for your car

Springtime also brings the need for maintenance and tune ups. Focus on the following areas:

  • Check the oil if its needed to be change.
  • Check that all lights are working, both on the exterior and interior of the car.
  • Replace tires if they no longer hold air properly.
  • Test the air condition of your car.
  • Tune up the engine to ensure it is working at its best. This includes having belts checked.

Now you know all the steps and materials so go on!  Remove your car from the winter state and give it a makeover. Now you’ll feel comfortable on your drive.Sell your car to