Top 10 Easiest Ways To Keep Your Car Clean & Organized

keep your car clean

Tips To Keep Your Car Neat & Clean

Going on a road trip or just running some errands, your car reflects a lot about your personality. Every car owner knows how stressful it is when your car gets dirty. Just like how you present yourself, cars should be groomed properly as well. With these tips keep your cars neat all year round.

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  • Interior


After the exterior is taken care of, it’s the interior’s turn. Make sure the interior is spotless, as sitting in an untidy place can make you uncomfortable. Vacuuming the interior would be a good idea but at times there are places where the vacuum can’t reach so try using cotton wipes. Here are some hacks:

  • Exterior


Without question, this is the first part which should be taken care of. This is the part where people set their eyes to first, logically keeping it spotless is mandatory. Go to a car wash once in a while or give it a wash in the house. Use car soap and a sponge then rinse it off with water. Also for the headlights try using toothpaste it’s guaranteed to make them shiny and clear once again.

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  • Put a shoe organizer at the back of the front car seat


After the cleanup comes organization. And that starts with the essentials. It will help you organize the few essentials without having them to mess up.

  • Keep the cup holders clean by lining cup cake liners


Cup holders can get messy but then you can’t expect to keep them empty eventually, something is going to end up inside them. Put cupcake liners for keeping them clean. When one gets dirty toss it away and use another one.

  • Store plastic bags in used tissue boxes

Don’t throw away used tissue boxes, instead use them as storage for plastic bags and put them in your car for convenience. You might feel like puking on a long trip or if you’re having some snacks use as bag, tie a knot and throw it when done.

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  • Clean Vents


Use foam craft sponges to clean between air vents and the Ac, as well, as other small spaces.

  • Tyres


Next up are the tyres of the car. They need to be spotless and shiny. Use few mixtures of acid solutions and find out which works best for your tyre do not use cleaning detergents as it is not advised. To remove dust residue from the tyres is your goal and you shouldn’t use anything that will go compromising on their quality.

  • Glass


Consider your windows being cleaned the last as other cleaning activities can make them dirty. Try using a cloth and wiping them or add some glass cleaners if they don’t work alone. Make sure they are squeaky clean and presentable.

With these tips your car will be clean to the spot and presentable as well.

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