Tips To Sell any Car Dubai

Things to know before selling your car in Dubai

 Sell Car in Dubai

Finally, you’ve decided to Sell any Car in Dubai. But to sell it in the best conditions, there are some rules to respect! When you have a vehicle to sell, two solutions are available. On one side you can opt for a garage, or choose the option to resell your vehicle yourself. And usually, this is the second option that will sell the vehicle at the best price. Indeed, garages also make a profit on the resale. Sometimes, garages force the seller for selling a car on unattractive price for their own commission.  It is then a bit wiser to choose to take care, avoiding scams of course, because they have many years of experience in the world of the purchase and sale of cars between individuals. As a first recommendation, only accept bank checks and if you have any doubt about something, cancel the transaction. It is better to be too careful than not enough. Now that the usage tips have been given, let’s see how to make a resale at the most interesting price.

Old Ways of selling car in Dubai:

Between forms to fill, contract to write, insurance to terminate, we could lose its Latin with all there is to think! Summary of legal conditions to sell any car is following.

  • Certificate of assignment: Both parties must complete the form in three copies: one for the buyer, one for you and one for the prefecture. The latter must be sent as soon as possible because, in case of a fine, it is you who will take!
  • The certificate of the administrative situation (or non-pledge): it ensures that the vehicle is not pledged.
  • The contract of sale: although it is not mandatory, it is, however, essential to cover you in case of glitches! You write everything about the car, its defects, its revisions, with invoices in support. The more details, the better! Because in case of hidden defects (serious defects, not apparent and prior to the purchase), the purchaser can turn against you and ask for the partial or total refund of the car, as well as the cancellation of the sale.
  • Technical control: It is mandatory to sell a car over four years old. After checking, you have six months to sell your vehicle. After this time, it will be necessary to redo it.
  • Insurance: Make a phone call and send a letter of cancellation sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your insurer to notify you of the termination of your insurance on the day of the sale of your vehicle. Allow 10 days notice. If you do not do this, the insurance will terminate itself six months after the sale. So to avoid paying for anything, it’s better to do it in advance!


Easy Way To Sell car In Dubai

All you have to go to a website and book an appointment at CashYourCarUAE.COM & get the initial quote for your car, bring your car for the inspection and highly qualified inspectors will check your car and give you a final price. If you agree on the price just sign the contract and you are done. they give


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