Tips To Drive Safely On The Roads Of UAE

driving safely


You go out on the streets of the UAE, and one common thing you see is vehicles. Roads packed with vehicles. It’s an obvious fact that the majority of the population knows how to drive; everyone around the age of 18 probably possesses a driver’s license and roams around the roads of Dubai. Many ages are immature, sometimes leading to dangerous and careless driving. You may be a careful driver, but that doesn’t mean everyone is. Anyone can be careless no matter what their age is. The truth is that it isn’t our fault alone. Many factors add up when we start calculating distractions. Yup, mobile phones are definitely one. An attentive driver focuses on his own driving, and not only that, he focuses on others as well. Here are some tips to help you be a safer driver for the good of yourself and society.



This reminder has been given a dozen times. It’s an absolute fact that distance must be maintained between cars. According to the Dubai police, tailgating caused 42 deaths in the UAE in 2015. That’s an immense amount! Violating the rules can end up with a Dh400 fine and four black points. Road experts still don’t know why motorists don’t maintain difference even though it can allow enough scope for speed adjustment and sudden breaks in case of emergencies without harming the other drivers. Even when there’s slow-moving traffic, keeping a “safe distance” between the other cars is always safe. We’ve all heard of “The 3-second rule”; it’s a part of our childhood. Well, applying this rule on the road can help a lot. This allows drivers to be well-prepared and in control of their vehicles during emergencies or sudden surprises on the road. Most people will try to fit in the spaces you are leaving, to be safe, and recreate that distance again.


Follow Traffic Signs

Following traffic signs is virtually as crucial as driving as a whole. It is because traffic fines regulate traffic flow, and any irregularity in this flow can easily disrupt the whole functioning of traffic. A large number of traffic accidents happen because of not following the traffic signs or because of incorrectly following them.



This is quite common. You’ve got to AVOID any distractions. Lifting your hands from the steering wheel can affect you majorly. A recent report confirms that texting while driving has officially become the UAE’s primary cause of road accidents. It is continuously been reminded NOT to check your mobile phone or any other kind of usage of this distraction. If it is important, park your car on the roadside and make your phone call. Furthermore, avoid listening to loud music and eating while driving. These actions can distract you easily.



While it is illegal to do this in the UAE, there will always be some people who are habitual of overtaking, so always check your blind spots and side mirrors when changing lanes or pulling into a slip road.



It is generally an excellent strategy to stay as far away from them as possible. They are loud, have blowouts of smoke, and generally do not quickly realize if you are traveling alongside or behind them. It takes them ages to stop, and avoiding them is in your best interest.


Changing lanes

This is a very old habit, sigh. Most of the drivers misuse the indicators in what way? Well, some leave indicators on when there is no need to, and some don’t even turn them on while changing lanes. This doesn’t help you or the other drivers, probably because you are not showing them your intentions. Driving in the UAE is all about vigilance and keeping the habit, and it’s our own risk. Continuously checking your rare-view and side-view mirrors should be, as a matter of fact, what you should be doing. Committing this act will cost you a fine of Dh200 and 3 black points; guess what? It is still one of the top offenses in the UAE. Always some people do not allow cars to move into their lane even if they put their indicators on. Not giving way to other drivers is an equally dangerous offense, which can also set you back by a Dh200 traffic fine.


Defensive and aggressive driving

Youngsters are more prone to aggressive driving, which involves breaking traffic rules and crossing the speed limit; they mainly do it for fun. Well, this isn’t so much fun when for your guardians who clean up the mess you make. It isn’t a good idea and not only puts your life at risk but also triggers the anger of other drivers, resulting in a conflict. Defensive driving is the total opposite of aggressive driving, involving driving calmly, following all the rules, maintaining a safe distance, and keeping cool in a traffic jam. Try to do defensive driving only, as it will not help others but also help you. Even though it’s illegal in the UAE, there will always be some people who are habitual of overtaking, so always check your blind spots and side mirrors when changing lanes or pulling into a slip road.

Pedestrian Crossing


No matter how urgent your situation is, you must always remain aware of the fact that pedestrians have priority. Drive safely and respect the rights of pedestrians on the road. Halt the car and give way to the pedestrians stepping onto the pedestrian crossing. Violating this principle will slap a fine of Dh500 and six black points. Stopping at the pedestrian crossing will also cost you a Dh500 fine.

Follow these rules, and you can ensure your safety on the road and drive the roads of the UAE peacefully. Following these tips will not just save you from any unexpected injuries, but it also saves your beloved car.