Tips and tricks to better Sell Any Car in Dubai

Selling Car dubai

Tips and tricks to better Sell Any Car in Dubai

Sale Any Car tips and tricks

  • If you resell your car to the garage where you buy your new car, do not discuss the trade-off until you have negotiated all the conditions and discounts for your new vehicle.
  • If you decide to Sell Any car in Dubai to a professional of the occasion, make sure to know perfectly its state as well as its value. Or have someone knowledgeable so that you are in a strong position to negotiate.
  • If you resell your car to a second-hand, professional or a parking sale, do not forget to arrange transportation to return to your home practical question, but also of security if you transport on you the amount of the sale.


Financial tips and tricks

  • When paying, choose a cash for car. This avoids the risk of counterfeit notes. Contact the buyer’s bank branch to check the authenticity of the check. Also ask for the buyer’s ID card and write down his contact information.
  • If you have already paid the driving tax on a car in the meantime sold, you recover the amount overpaid provided you return your plate within four months of the sale. Are you replacing your old vehicle with a new one? The amount overpaid will be deducted from the tax owed on your new car. In this case, your insurer is also informed of the change, since your new registration request was sent through it (or your broker). So that the company could put its seal. The broker transmits this document to the Road Transport Authority and makes sure to put you in order of insurance.
  • Have a car removed as soon as possible that you cannot or want to sell. Indeed, as long as you can not present a certificate of destruction to the RTA, you will continue to pay taxes on this vehicle! It is also forbidden to leave an unregistered vehicle on public roads. The destroyer must give you a declaration that the vehicle has been destroyed. Return it immediately, along with the registration certificate, to the Road Transport Authority.
  • If, after reselling your old car, you register a new one, you keep your license plate. Attach the old certificate to your new registration application.

So, if you are planning to sell your car in UAE. Go for it but be careful while choosing your car buyer in Dubai. You can’t just pick anyone and sell your car to them they might be a fraud. So choose always what best for you and Cash Your Car In UAE.

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