Things to know before selling your car in Dubai

Things to know before selling your car in Dubai

Points to Ponder sell your car in Dubai

Since you have decided to sell your car in Dubai, you need to know some things before selling it straight to the person or market. These precious tips protect you from painstaking experiences like getting the frustration. Most people think and worry about “How to sell a car in Dubai”.


To sell your car at the best price, there are some rules to follow!

  • Legal conditions

Among forms to fill, contract to write, insurance to terminate, one could lose his Latin with all there is to think! Summary of the legal conditions to sell your car easily.

  • Certificate of transfer:

The two parties must complete the form in triplicate: one for the buyer, one for you and one for the prefecture. The latter must be sent as soon as possible because, in case of a fine, it is you who will take!

  • The certificate of administrative status (or non-guarantee):

It ensures that the Car is not pledged.

  • The sales contract:

Although it is not compulsory. It is nevertheless essential to cover you in case of pips! You enter everything concerning the car, its defects, and its revisions, with invoices in support. The more details, the better! In case of hidden defects (serious defects, not apparent and prior to the purchase), the purchaser can turn against you and ask for the partial or total reimbursement of the car, as well as the cancellation of the sale.

  • Technical inspection:

It is compulsory to sell a car for more than four years. After you have checked, you have six months to sell your car. After this period, it will have to be redone.

  • The gray card:

To be given to the buyer when the car is sold. On the old model, do not forget to write there “sold the” or “ceded the” with the date of the sale and sign. Then cut the upper right corner of the card. For newer models, write: “sold”, followed by the date of sale on the top and sign. Also remind the buyer of the detachable coupon, filled and signed.

  •  Insurance:

Make a phone call and send a letter of cancellation sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your insurer to notify him of the termination of your insurance on the day of the sale of your vehicle. Provide 10 days notice. If you fail to do so, the insurance will automatically terminate six months after the sale. So to avoid paying for anything, better to go ahead!

The little extras that make the difference

You think it will be easy to sell your car. But in the face of an increasingly diversified offer, your car may end up longer than expected in the garage. Little tricks to make a difference!

• Clean the car: a clean vehicle, both indoors and outdoors and its points for sale.

• The selling price: it must be set at the fairest. Although you are attached to your four-wheeler, you tend to overestimate its value. For that, do not hesitate to consult the price argues and Free car valuation in Dubai.

• Advertise: It’s one way to sell your car but it’s an old tradition and getting lots of calls from buyers. Showing them cars and than bargaining. In Dubai selling car in easier than ever before. Just write “sell car Dubai” and you will get the buyers in just 30 minutes

• Suggest a test: the potential buyer wants to try your car. But be careful, make sure you are well insured and that he holds the driver’s license. If you are not quiet about leaving it to the buyer, go up with him or keep his ID card in surety.

• The mechanical warranty: some sellers subscribe to a mechanical guarantee that covers the car in case of a mechanical breakdown. Concretely, it is an insurance that makes it possible to restore the car in the state it was before the breakdown, on the defective part (s) covered.

• Buyers: pay attention to scammers. Some people are dishonest and do not hesitate to give checks in wood and fake bank checks. To avoid fraud, ask for information: identity document, proof of address or bank address, to check and call in case of worries.

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