Selling your car need not be always thought of as a hurdle. To keep you in track, all you need is a checklist. This allows you to be in focus on the right pathway steering to perfection and no mistakes. So when time comes to sell any car, you need to gear up and follow certain do’s and don’ts.

With Google Search Engine, you are bombarded with options and numerous agencies in your locality to help you with the process. But little do you know there are a few guidelines that one must take care of when it comes to Cash Your Car.

1.   Get Your Car Beautified!


We have all heard the saying “First Impression is the Best Impression” and this is true when it comes to sell any car. The main objective is to entice your car to your potential customers. In order to do that, you need to present your vehicle in a well-conditioned manner.

Few enhancements such as:

  • Pimping your car with a new paint job
  • Ensure your Car is Serviced and Well Maintained
  • Polishing of the automobile
  • Taking care of any damages or scratches present
  • Installing a new battery for the car
  • Well Maintained Engine
  • Reinstalling with new wiper blades

And the list goes on. This ensures that your value for your car is not as depreciated over time. Once the outer persona of the car is taken car of, the next step would be monitor and do a quality check in the functioning of the car.

Certain situations may arise when car buyers Dubai may bring a mechanic to validate your car. By taking care of the above mentioned, you have nothing to worry about. This gives you as a seller a firm stand and not to back out from your pricing.

2.   Get All Your Paperwork Sorted


The basic documents such as your Valid driving License, Emirates ID and the current Car Insurance are required. If any outstanding fines are present, it has to be rectified and paid due to the dedicated Traffic Authority.

As a seller, you need to apply for the transform form as well as the registration card. The registration card is a means of ensuring an evidence in the transferal of the car.

If a situation arises where you may not be present at the time to transfer your car, you can issue a power of attorney to a trusted friend or family member to do the selling of your car on your behalf.

Get everything documented when the sale of your car happens. This ensures that no shady work is done and if any unfortunate situation arises, the paperwork helps in navigating away from the scenario and keeps you safe.

3.   Understand the Market Condition



First and foremost, find out how much your car is worth. With Google, you can find various sites that provides an online car evaluator that helps you compare different market rates for your car. All you need for this is to enter your car, model, year of make and so on. This allows you to receive instantly the worth of your car. Based on this figure, you can advertise your car with the desired price rate.


How to sell car, all depends on your comfortability. You can either sell it individually by yourself to a friend or family member. Or you can resort to agencies that does the work for you. In the end, all you require is that you get your cars worth.

4.   Brushing Up your Negotiation Skills


This is the area where you are the curator of your car. Having a firm stance is very important when it comes to sell any car. With online scammers and frauds out there these days, it becomes even more important to filter out your potential buyers.

When your car seems interesting to a buyer, then talks of price negotiation pops up immediately. Even if you must let go of 1- 3 buyers, it is perfectly alright. In the end, you need to receive the price for your car that you deserve based on the current market condition. Do not let anyone intimidate or downgrade your car. Your car is your priced possession and if anyone makes a remark, why not show them all the proper paperwork and the details done on the car. This allows you to have an upper stance in the car selling journey.


5.   Communicate the Payment Terms


After negotiation, then comes the task of payment terms. Always be careful and alert as there are thousands of car scammers out there to get a hold of your car without paying a penny.

Certain scenarios occur where people talk about monthly installments or they may dupe you into realizing that the amount has been transferred and take your car. Make sure that you have received the payment at hand when the transferal of the car happens. Never resort to future payment schemes or any other tricks that people may present to you.

Selling your car can be easy as a breeze if the above tips and tricks are looked upon. If you find the process a bit overwhelming, why don’t you leave it to us. Our team of professionals will be with you at every step in selling your car. For any queries you can contact Cash Your Car UAE anytime.







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