Revamp Your Car

What does having a car mean to you? Cars for a few sections of people are treated as their prized possession, whereas for others it’s regarded as a daily use commodity. According to recent studies, an average amount of time of about 40%–60% is being engulfed by people sitting inside a vehicle.


Cars are used by everyone, let it be for workers commuting to their work, families going on trips, and the list goes on. Cars can range from simple, modern to luxurious cars. It is a form of a status symbol for a few and people will go to any extent to showcase their pride and joy. But what can you do individually to remodel and revamp your car?


The following hacks can help you transform your car with these few simple tricks.




Toothpaste is not just meant for your teeth but now can be used to shine your car lights. Just by dabbing a small amount of toothpaste on your car lights and wiping it off with a cloth, gives you a clean and shiny new headlight.




It’s time to stay organized. Declutter your car. Change your car mats to new ones if they are old and ripped apart. Store an organizer behind the driver’s and passenger’s seat to store all the clutter that usually gets dumped in the back seat. We all know that one small bite of food inside your car leaves a huge amount of residue everywhere! Why not create a custom trash can inside your car? All you need is a plastic box that can be stored near the feet and be lined with a plastic sheet that prevents the bad odor inside your vehicle. Organize your dashboard. There should not be a circumstance when the time comes to search for something important and you are busy scavenging your way inside the dashboard.


Traveling with kids? Has it been a hectic task to keep them entertained for a long car journey? Try getting a small organizer box that can store their toys and snacks and keep them busy. Having these organizers within your cars makes a huge difference and keeps your car clean.




Has it ever occurred that less air comes through the vent? Dirt particles stuck in between which are hard to remove? A bottle of compressed air is the perfect solution to get rid of any dirt particles stuck, also cotton balls, swabs, and even sponges do the work and furthermore try adding a drop or two of essential oils between the vents to give you that new car smell.




Car Seats make a huge difference for any car. Having a low-quality car seat interior in a high-end car will not give you comfort and luxury as desired. The material, as well as the quality of the car seats, is what makes it stand out. When the time comes to change your car seat, always invest in a place that provides you with good quality car seats, and also choose the color that enhances the life of your car.


Another pro tip, as we all know UAE, is a place that is comparatively hot throughout the year. Getting into a hot car is one’s worst nightmare. Touching your steering wheel is like touching fire. So next time, try turning your steering wheel about 180 degrees that in turn helps in making less heat on the top of the wheel. Also, try investing in a good quality shade as well as a car cover that can help protect your car from sunlight as well as dust.


Another way to cool down your car is, try rolling down one of the windows in the front and whichever side the window is down, go to the opposite door side and open and close the door at least five times, this makes sure that any hot air trapped inside your car is let out.


Want an ice-cold drink inside your car? Personalized Fridges for your car are the new thing. This helps you in carrying water or juices or even food and snacks that come in handy when you are on a long car journey.




What comes to mind when you want to change the entire look of the car? That’s right, the color of your car. Getting a custom paint job in your car is the way to go. Always try to get a color that matches the interior of your car. Also, try to invest in a good place as changing the color of your car means changing the entire look and feel of your car.


Other modifications can range from installing a spoiler to give you that bold and sporty look, changing your number plate to the new design, having a custom exhaust, changing the wheels and rims of the wheels, and also tinting your windows. By doing these modifications, it transforms your car like never before.



When riding your car, you need to listen to your car. Do you feel any wheezing or any slight change in your car? Try not to take it lightly? This is what transports you from one place to another and has a huge impact on one’s life. Does your engine need fixing? Fix it immediately. Do your wheels need to be changed? Fix it immediately. Any modifications or anything that needs to be looked upon within your car needs to be done asap. It will definitely help you get a better car price for your car if you decide to sell it.

Always remember that your car is your prized possession, your second home, and always stay a step ahead In looking after your pride and joy. Try following these few tips and let us know how you revamped your car.