The Process of Selling a Car in Dubai

sell a car

Do you know that currently, the rates of selling used cars in Dubai are well over the standard blue book rates? This is not just happening in private sales but even reputable dealers in Dubai are paying out much more than it has ever been in years.

Are you sitting on a used vehicle that you want to sell? Chances are that you could be sitting on a gold mine.

Before you run to list your car for sale on some of those dubious online car dealers, stop by You will find great car selling guidelines that will assist you in getting nothing but the highest dollars for your used car.

Why should you sell your car to

At, we offer the best package for your car regardless of the year of manufacture or condition.  We make it so easy that in as little as 30 minutes you will be laughing your way to the bank. Apart from giving you the fairest market price for your vehicle, we take it upon us to settle any outstanding car loans and fines and leave you with the balance.

That is not all, we go the extra mile and beat any of that handwrite assurance offer. No wonder we are the most proffered car dealers in UAE.

How to compare our offer with the current market price?

Go online and check out either the black book or blue book value of your car. Give an honest condition of your car, including information about the model and year of manufacture as prompted. You will then get the most accurate and current market value of your car.

Once you are equipped with the blue standard value of your car, place an online search for vehicles in your area that are similar to yours and see how much they are selling. You can go ahead and contact various dealerships and see how much they are willing to pay for your type of car.

Then visit for an estimate and you will be surprised at how much more we are willing to offer. Our services are hustle free, taking into consideration that we take care of any existing loans or fines. Within minutes of your visit, you will walk away with cash.