The New Jetour T2 In UAE

All About Jetour T2

Chinese car brands are becoming popular in the UAE market primarily because of their affordability and wide range of models. Although more and more buyers consider Chinese-built cars, mainstream buyers are still somewhat reluctant. The Chinese brands in the UAE need a signature model to make a breakthrough. The vehicle must captivate the market, provide a unique feature not found in competitors, and significantly draw the attention of the car community to Chinese manufacturers. So far, the Chinese auto industry has failed to produce such a model, but with the introduction of the Jetour T2 SUV, the Chinese automotive industry might have the hit they hoped for. Let’s see what this new off-road SUV brings to the table. 

The Design

One of the first things you notice is the aggressive and rugged exterior design of the T2. Even though it is not original, it is still striking and memorable, precisely what Jetour wanted as a company. The body lines are the work of ex-Porsche designer Hakan Saracoglu, who drew inspiration from models like the Land Rover Defender 110, the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser, and the Ford Bronco. The dynamic and modern design emphasizes the off-road nature of this SUV and clearly distinguishes it from the many ordinary and anonymous SUVs on offer. The Jetour T2 is easily recognizable because of its boxy shape, large front bumper, and massive grille, giving it a rugged look, which is exactly what the Chinese wanted. It has a monocoque construction, which means the body and chassis are combined into a single unit, which enhances the performance, fuel efficiency, and safety of a car. It comes in seven colours: Misty Cyan, Lime Green, Sun Orange, Night Black, Sand, Silver Snow, and Highway Grey. The Jetour T2 comes equipped with an advanced XWD all-wheel-drive system designed to provide superior off-road capability and handle diverse driving conditions.

The Engine

The Jetour T2 is offered as a single-engine choice in the UAE market—a 2.0-litre petrol engine with 251 hp and 390 Nm. Although this is not an impressive power output, it is still plenty for everyday driving and occasional off-road excursions. Interestingly, Jetour’s engineers gave the T2 a competent 7-speed DCT transmission known for its precise and fast shits. With a 0 to 100 km/h time of 8.7 seconds and a top speed of 180 km/h, the Jetour T2 will not win any drag races, but it will be fast enough for most of the everyday duties. 

The Interior and Features

The interior is one of the places where T2 excels. Modernly designed with a clear digital cluster and a 15.6-inch central screen, it is a pleasant place to spend time. The design theme continues rugged lines and square shapes from the exterior, reminding the driver that it drives an off-road capable SUV. With a fast-responding infotainment system, the Jetour T2 also delivers a 12-speaker Sony premium audio system, which produces perfect sound. The sunroof is part of the standard package, and customers can choose between two interior colours: beige or dark green. Every T2 is sold with a comprehensive safety package that includes adaptive cruise control, lane assist, automatic emergency braking, surround cameras, and 10 airbags. 

One of the great things about T2’s interior is the trunk space, which is an amazing 752 litres. Even though the vehicle is relatively compact at just under 4.8 meters, there is plenty of room inside for five passengers and all their luggage. 

The Engineering 

The idea behind the T2 was to present a fully capable off-road SUV, and Jetour’s engineers did just that. The first step was to produce a sturdy ladder-type chassis, the first body-on-frame model from this company. Such a construction approach gave the T2 exceptional rigidity, which is crucial when going off-road. The second engineering aspect was the capable 4×4 drivetrain, which consists of a Borg Warner torque manager system and electronically controlled limited-slip differentials designed to send power to the front, rear, or all four wheels when the traction is poor. Selectable driving modes, paired with the four-wheel-drive system, alter the drivetrain’s settings. There are seven driving modes: Sports, Economy, Standard, Snow, Sediment, Rock, and X Smart Mode, all for different driving conditions. The off-road capabilities are enhanced with high body clearance (220 mm), significant approach (28 degrees), departure angle (30 degrees), and an impressive wading depth of 700 mm. 

However, the Jetour T2 has a McPhaerson front suspension with a Multi-Link system in the rear, which is not exactly a perfect off-road setup. Competitors like the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco have live rear axles in the back, which are far more capable and durable in extreme conditions. This means that Jetour made the T2 for mid-off-roading and not for extreme conditions, although the looks might suggest something different. 

The Price and Options

The Jetour T2 is currently on sale in the UAE, and prices start at AED 146,000. Potential customers can choose between seven exterior and two interior colours. Interestingly, Jetour offers its customers an unmatched 10-year/1-million km warranty and a comprehensive 3-year/40,000 km service package, which is unique in the industry and could attract buyers. Jetur offers T2 with a hybrid drive train in other markets, but this option isn’t available in the UAE yet. Additionally, Jetur has announced the arrival of the 7-seater version later this year.

The Conclusion

The Jetour T2 is a refreshing addition to the overcrowded SUV segment, and it is one of the models that deserves attention, even from the most discriminating car fans. Yes, it is not as big, as fast, or as capable as the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Ford Bronco, Land Rover Defender 110, or upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser. However, it still offers plenty for a reasonable price. With excellent interior features, a comprehensive warranty, and a safety package, it is a reasonable starter car for people looking for SUVs with more capabilities than the run-of-the-mill models we see on the street. But, most of all, it is a model that turns heads towards the Chinese car industry and is one of the cars that have a bright future, not just in the UAE market but also in the global market.

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