Six UAE Car Insurance Myths Busted 2018

UAE Car insurance

car insurance myths

People never disgruntled manipulating facilities, so we are here to spot out focal concerns about car insurance in UAE. I hope these words would be favorable for you to enjoy your luxury with the tranquility of mood.

Car owners in the UAE are paying certain amounts annually in registration and insurance costs; however, some myths overcome this flaw among vehicle owners regarding auto insurance, such as Oman coverage, a medical bill in the event of an accident, agency repairs, etc.

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Our research would be virtuous for the owners about this vital part of their everyday swap.

  1. Do accidents cover your medical bills?


When someone induces additional personal accident cover while purchasing car insurance, you take it wrong that this will encrust your medical bills in the event of an injury resulting from a car accident. Unfortunately, personal accident cover only amounts to lump-sum payouts in the event of very specific injuries. You can’t simply evince a copy of your policy document at the hospital if you’re injured during an accident – you’ll have to depend on your health insurance policy to cover your medical care.

  1. Oman cover doesn’t entitle you to drive in that country

A common feature of majority gold car insurance packages is GCC-wide cover. It’s also a confusion for people .They consider it a permanent license  but what most people fail to understand  is that this type of cover doesn’t actually authorize  you to legally drive in another GCC country. What this feature provides is conservation against ‘own damage’ – i.e. damage to your car that you’re responsible for. However, with this type of cover, you’re not insured for third-party damage. This is actually driving in another GCC country with no other type of cover illegal. So if you’re planning a road trip to another Gulf country, you should buy basic cover from a local insurer at the border.

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  1. Your car dealer is hesitant to give you the best insurance deal.

Normally people try to avoid inconvenience of any type when buying a new car and want the dealer to arrange everything. You simply pay your deposit, fill out some forms, and the dealer will take care of the finance, insurance and registration for you. Well it’s charming…. Still I must say insurance is one thing you should keep under your own control, as the margins that dealers charge on these insurance policies are out of this world.

  1. High valuation on your policy document isn’t always a good thing

Some fellows fee that it sounds tempting to insist to your insurer that your car is worth more than the number it has been valued at, but in reality it’s not good to value the car at the number you bought it for. Firstly, if you insure a car at a higher value, you’ll end up paying more for your policy, and secondly, the car value mentioned on the policy document only comes into play in the event of a total loss – which is a rare occurrence.

  1. Agency repair isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

One of the most named features for fully comprehensive policies is agency repair, which means that if your car needs any repairs after an accident, the insurer will pay for the official dealer of your car to handle out these repairs. The main problem with this, of course, is that policies of agency repair tend to be more expensive than non-agency repair policies. – You can even choose a premium garage add-on because there are countless non-agency repair offers.

  1. Mechanical repairs aren’t covered by your insurance policy

Another common misconception about motor insurance in the UAE is that your policy will cover the costs of mechanical repairs in the event that your car breaks down. Unfortunately, it’s a screenplay. Mechanical repairs may be covered if they’re needed after an accident. What’s not covered, though, are general mechanical repairs that are needed if your car breaks down or has fallen into a state of disrepair. For that, you’ll need a warranty from your dealer.

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