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Nissan Altima

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Based on current market analysis, Nissan Altima is currently taking the lead among its midsize counterparts. Its newly redesigned avatar is such a thrill to the drivers thanks to is practial usability and fun filled perfomance.

JUst a little over one year ago, its manufacturers  carried out major modifications on its CVT. So expect the all new Nissan Altima to come up with an immediate source of power and state of the art awesome operations.

Talk of safety features that you can only find in top of the range vehicles; think of its ability to monitor blind spots, detect moving objects and indication of lane departure.  No wonder National HIghway Safety Adminstration has awarded it with a 5 star overall safety standard.

A glance at its interiors you, will be impressed by its roomy cabin and trunk, highly comfortable seats with exquisite interior deco.

Other outstanding features that cannot be overlooked are irresistable headlights, curved body panels and extra amount of chrome. With its hood, roof, and trunk made out of aluminum and hard body steel, the modified sedan is much lighter than its predecessors.

Remember those attractive rear and headligts are LED.  LED lights have the ability to project as far as 20 ft from the rear and back. With this, you need not to worry about lights failing during the night or even driving in foggy areas.

With Nissan Altima, you are equiping yourself with hybrid fuel efficiency forgoing the cost of battery packs and elecric motors. What else do you have to say about a recorded fuel economy of 40 mpg on high way!

Apart from its roaring engine, there isn’t anything else you can complain about.  It is simply affordable, has great fuel consumption and its quite stylish. THese features have been  incorporated with the trending technology at the same time maintaining it sporty identity. How can you have second thoughts

Nissan Altima emerges the winner in the tight race of midsized car family.