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Jeep Wrangler is a popular SUV among both first time car owners and long time car fanatics thanks to its affordability. It commands a 3.6L V-6 engine which is housed in a classic yet ruggedly designed body. This architecture enables it to easily penetrate in the roughest of all off road terrains.

From the look of things, Jeep Wrangler is what I would say is Dubai’s most adorable off road escape performer. It comes in two distinct body types namely; two door short wheel base and four door long wheel base.  Both models are available in 3 trim levels which are; serious off-road-oriented Rubicon, midlevel Sahara and bare-bones Sport.

Just in case you thought that Wrangler has no luxury or rather convenience items courtesy of its rugged image, wait until you see its automatic climate control, Bluetooth, heated leather seats and navigation.

True that it may be lacking in some of the finer details that most SUVs have but Jeep Wrangler remains the king after the end of the pavement. This is exactly what Jeep engineers designed it for, that in the event of any unpaved road, this robust engine can easily use the necessary traction and energy that you so need. If the unpaved road proves to be muddy, the tires hardly get stuck or become unable to climb steep hills and slopes.

Even with its gigantic engine power, Wrangler’s fuel consumption remains at an average low of about 17 miles per gallon along the highway.  This is considerably lower than 17.1 which is the national average for a good majority of both vehicles and light trucks.

This desert muscle crossover has cruised the Emirates roads for ages. Its unique masculine appearance and unmistakable engine roar sends a clear signal that it’s in a class of its own.

Compared to other popular SUVs, Jeep Wrangler spots some of the very best basic features, starting from the price, its refined muscle/ efficiency and not forgetting its overall mighty persona.

Conclusively let’s just say that as good as this great monster is on the road, Jeep Wrangler remains the most unbeatable off road vehicle you can ever buy and by far it is still Dubai’s most adorable off road escape performer.