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jeep cherokee

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Jeep Cherokee  is not just  an ordinary car but a real beast and a boon when it comes to terrain. All over the world, Jeep Cherokee has acquired diehard fans due to it style and performance.

There is plenty of room in the interior, with its rear being able to accommodate two people and a third one can still squeeze in. Its boot is sizable and even gets flexible when squeezed.

The 60 inch  split folding rear seats tend to lie towards the back in a relaxed position. This of course amounts to more comfort not forgetting the feel of its high quality seat material which is just perfect for this kind of a vehicle.

Being the king of terrain, Cherokee Jeep drives exceptionally well even on B roads and it is reputed to give up to 62 M/hr in slightly more than 10 seconds. The steering is exceptionally weighed  a feature that is quite uncommon with other 4x4s.

Other primary standards of Cherokee Jeep are

1.Speed traction control thanks to shocks with ESP

  1. Anti-lock braking system and electronic stability program that makes it come to a complete halt in a controlled and stable way.
  2. Multiple airbags – a pair right in front of the driver, another pair in front of the passenger and a third one along the side curtain.
  3. Adjustable Canvas cover on the top that is operated using a lever

Seventeen years down the line, Jeep Cherokee remains the most sought after performance vehicle. It maintains a very modern look that is really pleasing to the eye unlike other jeeps.

It also adheres to the green campaign because it emits an insignificant 242gms/kg carbon dioxide which is quite contrary to its size.