Sell your car quickly and at the best price

Sell my car in dubai

I Wanna Sell My car quickly and at the best price

The sale of a car cannot be improvised! Read our tips and advice to sell car in Dubai quickly and at the best price.

On average, the Dubai residents change vehicles after every 2 years. As a result, almost everyone is brought to one day or another to sell their car. Sometimes long and complex, the sale of a car cannot be improvised. Here is the procedure to follow while you are selling car in Dubai quickly.

At what price do you sell a used car in Dubai?

The sale price of a used car will vary according to several criteria: the make and model of the vehicle, the version (or finish), the mileage, the options, but also and especially the general state of the vehicle at the moment sales. In addition, the selling price will not be the same depending on whether you sell your car to an individual or a professional.

Sell car in Dubai to a garage or professional

The recovery of a used car by a professional car is very practical: your car is sold very quickly, and you can focus on buying your new car immediately. The disadvantage is that you will not get the same price as if you had sold it to an individual: the professional will make sure he can resell your vehicle. He will therefore make you a resumption proposal below the Argus rating. We are talking about Argus Pro rating: This is the real Argus rating, lowered by 15%, and deducted from any costs incurred on the vehicle. Selling his car to a garage or a recovery professional has its advantages (speed, security) but also a disadvantage (selling price lower than a sale to an individual).

Unconditional occasions

In recent years, a real recovery market has emerged – and professionalized. Some stores offer you to take back your car within 24 hours, making an estimate online and then vehicle expertise. They will then be responsible for selling your car to other professionals. The advantages are many: it is fast, without obligation to purchase a new car, without the need for technical control or repairs. Another advantage: they take care of all the administrative paperwork. Finally, the vehicle is taken back in the state (whether it is rolling or not), and you do not have to worry about possible defects that would not have been noticed at the time of the sale.

You can make a free estimate of recovery in just a few clicks to know the cash value of your vehicle among some specialists of the recovery. It’s fast, it does not commit you to anything, and it can be interesting for you if you want to sell any car quickly.

Takeover and redemption of a car

Except in exceptional cases, the dealers (or garages) will take back your car only if you buy another one at home.

If you opt for a concession takeover in connection with the purchase of a new vehicle, it is usually the same person, namely the seller, who makes you the takeover offer. His goal is to sell you a car, so enjoy! It will probably be conciliatory on some damage found on the vehicle, such as bodywork.


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