Quick and Easy Mulkiya Renewal in UAE: Your Online Step-by-Step Guide

While operating any vehicle in UAE, you must confirm that your Mulkiya (AKA your car registration card) is up to date for the current year. This is crucial, as having an outdated Mulkiya can result in unwanted fines and problems. However, worry not; RTA has provided UAE residents with multiple ways of renewing their Mulkiya online in the comfort of their own homes. This guide will briefly explain the various methods and make the process of Mulkiya renewal quick and easy for you.

Before you start the renewal process, collect all the required documents to verify your identity and help you gain access to your registration information. These forms of identification include:

Emirates ID: This unique card verifies that you live in the United Arab Emirates. For the residents, it functions similarly to an ID card.

Passport: An important travel document that shows your identity and nationality. Moreover, your passport number will come in handy for the registration process.

GCC ID: If you are from one of the countries that belong to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), you can then use the GCC ID as a form of identification.

Residence Visa: A unique document that shows your residency in UAE. It could also be used as identification.

Methods of renewing your Mulkiya online

The first step you should focus on is figuring out the status of your car registration. It can be done online through various government portals that allow you to check your Mulkiya card status and provide renewal services. We will briefly go over the process of Mulkya renewal through each one of these sources.

Road and Transport Authority (RTA): Go to the official RTA website and head to the “Check vehicle expiry” option on the main page. It will prompt you to enter your license plate number. Afterward, you must register on the website and fill out the prompts with the required information regarding the Mulkiya renewal. If you face any issues during the process, please get in touch with the RTA call center at 8009090.

TAMM: TAMM offers services similar to those on the RTA website. However, you must log in to select the services you would like to proceed with, such as the Mulkiya renewal process.

UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI): To use the MOI website, you must first create an account and locate the “e-services” section to find vehicle-renewal services.

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG): EVG offers car-related services across the United Arab Emirates. The process of renewing through their website is quite straightforward. You start by creating an account on their website. From there, you will see the option “Issuance of a New Registration Card, ” allowing you to see your Malkiya status and initiate the renewal process.

Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Renewal fees information

If you are renewing your Mulkiya through the RTA website, here is a helpful list of the renewal fees provided by RTA.

Renewal fees

• 350 AED Light vehicle private/public

• 400 AED private vehicles between 3 and 12 tonnes

• 650 AED public vehicles between 3 and 12 tonnes

• 800 AED private vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes

• 1,000 AED public vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes

The fees change to the following once the ownership has lasted for more than a year:

Re-registration fees

• 400 AED Light vehicle private/public

• 500 AED private vehicles between 3 and 12 tonnes

• 750 AED public vehicles between 3 and 12 tonnes

• 900 AED private vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes

• 1,200 AED public vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes

Prerequisites for Mulkiya Renewal

• Make sure you have a valid car insurance.

• You have had a car inspection done previously before the Mulkiya Renewal.

• You have paid all the pending fines.

Vehicle Insurance and Pending Fines

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must hold a valid car insurance. Furthermore, driving without an insurance car insurance may lead to being charged with extensive fines of a minimum of 500 AED, and you will be given four black points with your vehicle most definitely impounded for at least a week. Also, Paying off any pending fines before starting or attempting the Mulkiya renewal process is wise.

Car Inspection

New cars up to two years old do not have to be inspected; however, if your car is older than two years old, you must head to a car inspection facility and get your car inspected by a professional. Luckily, there are many RTA-approved car testing centers across the UAE.

List of some of the centers approved by RTA:


• Tasjeel

• Shamil

• Wasel

• Mumayaz

• Shirawi

Before heading to these facilities, you should ensure that your car meets the regulatory and safety standards of the UAE.

Mulkiya Renewal Online

Once you have cleared your fines, received the car inspection certificate, and acquired car insurance, you can proceed with the Mulkiya renewal by logging on to RTA, EVG, or the other car-renewal portals mentioned before. After that, you follow the steps provided above in this guide, and you shall then have completed the Mulkiya renewal process online.


Overall, checking and renewing your Mulkiya is quite easy, thanks to the many online sources available in the UAE. This guide provides a comprehensive run-down of renewing your Mulkiya, from the required documents to the online portals at which you can check and renew your Mulkiya.


How long does it take to receive the renewed Mulkiya Card?

• Once the registration cost has been paid and the procedure has been finished, the Mulkiya card will be mailed to you in three to five business days.

How Do You Check The Mulkiya Expiry Date Online?

• You can go to any authorized car services website, such as the official RTA website, and proceed with the registration process, after which you can check your Mulkiya