Porsche Cayenne: The Coming of Age of a New Generational SUV

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne fast entered the SUV market in 2003. Initially, it raised eyebrows when it first entered the SUV space but later proved its worth. It is well endowed with a powerful engine that ranges from 500 horsepower twin-turbo v8 all the way to the typical v6. With such features, Porsche Cayenne proves to be more than your ordinary SUV.

Well, its lack of the 3rd-row seat appears to limit its functionality though this is what gives it that classy and sophisticated look.

It comes fully equipped with top of an art dual-range system, stellar brakes, and superb razor shaft steering capacities. This clearly demonstrates its perfect dexterity both on and off-road.

Basically, Porsche Cayenne models come with only 2 rows of spacious seats that perfectly fit 5 passengers. Apparently, it is available in various style engines. Base Cayenne models are reputed to be the most practical choices but also thought to be the weakest because of their 3.6 Liter v6 engine that is only capable of producing 290 hp. Other Cayenne models feature 6 speehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_Cayenned automatic settings with Tiptronic mounted controls for a manual shift.

Newer Cayenne S models also have provisions for brisker acceleration among their standard features and 385 hp V8 engine.  The sport-tuned GTS features a 405 hp V8 engine, 21-inch wheels, 6-speed settings for a lower ride, and manual transmission.

Its quick Cayenne Turbo S which is lavishly designed is able to offer 550hp from its V8 engine. This is such a powerful range far much greater than what any other Porsche Cayenne models can offer.

All in all, Porsche’s driving feature and top of the art designs of both new and old models continue to capture the hearts of anyone who is in love with driving big cars.

Its powerful engine and outstanding off-road body naturally overpower all its shortcomings and makes it the king in this market.

In the real sense, Porsche Cayenne pioneered the way for other new generation of revolutionary SUV that handles even the roughest terrain.

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