One-Day Driving Licence Test in Fujairah


Obtaining a driving license is a challenging job! It takes a long time and various tests to pass through successfully. Only then can you get a driving license legally from the government authority. 

But this process of driving a license test is nowhere easier than in Fujairah, UAE. The Fujairah police recently took a great initiative called a one-day driving license test. In this article, we will discuss this 1-day test in detail.

What is the one-day driving license test in Fujairah?

On June 12, 2024, in collaboration with the traffic and licensing services centre, Fujairah police announced an initiative called the “One-Day Test.” The primary motive behind this initiative is to make the driving license process smoother and faster. 

However, the 1-day test is one of the strategic goals of the Ministry of Interior and the UAE National Agenda to improve the quality of life for the people living in the UAE.

Fujairah One-Day Driving License Test Procedure 

Before applying for the test, all the applicants must attend driving classes at the Fujairah Driving Institute. You should apply only when you are completely prepared for practical and theoretical tests.

With the introduction of the one-day test, getting a driver’s license has become easier and faster. The applicants can now take the eye test, theoretical examination, and road test in just one day.

Once all the tests are done, the applicants can collect their driving license from the Fujairah National Driving Institute on the specifically given date. 

Please note: Currently, the 1-day test service is available only for national service recruits. Besides, the applicants must be high school graduates to benefit from the fast-tracked service.

Charges for the Test

The Fujairah one-day driving process comprises 3 different types of charges. 

Let’s take a look at the charges below: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can benefit from the 1-day driving license test in Fujairah? 

Currently, national service recruits who are high school graduates can benefit from the 1-day driving license test service. Maybe the Fujairah government will make this service available to others in the upcoming days.

Q. How long does it take to get a UAE driving license?

Getting a driving license in the UAE typically takes up to two months. However, if you fail to pass the tests, the time will be longer than usual since you have to pass the next attempt after waiting some time. 

Q. Which authorities provide the driving license in Fujairah?

The driving license in Fujairah is provided by the Fujairah National Driving Institute in collaboration with the Traffic and Licensing Services Center and Fujairah police.

Q. What are the steps involved in the 1-day driving license test?

The 1-day driving license test includes an eye test, a theoretical examination, and a road test. All these tests were conducted on the same day.