We all know how hard it is to earn a driving license, especially in the UAE. The rules can get quite complicated. Suppose, after all that hard work you do earn a license, renewing is something that tags along and not to mention it leaves you with an empty wallet. After all, with great power comes great responsibility, right? Prior to this statement new driving licenses in the country are being issued but only for two years, according to new amendments introduced to federal traffic laws. After that, license renewal legality shall be around10 years for UAE citizens and five for non-citizens; they have been changed by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). The new rules took effect on July 1, 2017, yup! It’s the same day as the implementation of the newly amended traffic law in the UAE. They apply on nationalities aged 21 and above. Want to know these rules? Keep reading to find out.

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Here are some common rules:

Who are allowed to sit in the front?

The front seat tends to be very exciting for kids nevertheless, dangerous at the same time. Kids possess quite the charm and can get you convinced and thus allowing them to sit in the front. Well that’s wrong; the driver shall never allow a child below the age of 10 or themeasurement of 145 cm.

Five-Meter safety rule

This rule may sound familiar as it is one of the more important ones. Every vehicle should be at least 5 meters away from public transport and school buses to allow the people board and disembark the vehicle.

Granting driver’s license

For obvious reasons getting driver’s licenses or even renewing them meets an age limit.Another important factor is that applicants which have diseases that impede or affect their ability to drive as certified by competent health authorities, will not be granted one either. He/she should pass the driving test conducted by the licensing authority and must pay the specified fees and if meeting these limits, he/she shall be granted with a license.

Earning a license is great and all but it can also be snatched from you anytime. To avoid this, understanding the basics and why it happens is important as well. Every time you break a rule,you are given black points and once they reach their maximum limit, you know what’s next!

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Here are some of the most common traffic violations with their number of black points:

  • 23 Black points for propelling/driving when in affect of alcohol.
  • 23 Black points for driving in a way that risks the lives of other people.
  • 12 Black Points for running a manual vehicle while having the license of an automatic vehicle.
  • 6 Black Points for overtaking dangerously. (Basically meaning driving that can cause deaths)
  • 4 Black Points for terminating the seatbelt rules.
  • 4 Black Points for using electronics while driving.(We’ve all been there)

Avoid these rules and you’ll be safely zooming across the UAE. These were the new changes of rules but once you follow them and get your license renewed from time to time, they won’t bother you!

These things will not just create financial problems but also create problems while selling your car in dubai of renewing your vehicle registration