Looking for car buyers in UAE? Watch out for these red flags

 When the time comes to sell your car, there are several ways one can do so. Either you can sell it to a friend, give it to a family member, donate it to charity, look for an immediate way to clear your car loans, or resort to agencies that do the work for you. Selling your car individually has many perks—one being that you get the most in return when you have sold your vehicle.


But little do you know that there are scammers out there lurking to find ways to put you in a position to get your car, even without giving you a penny. This guide helps you stay alert and ensure that you do not fall prey to such fraudsters. So, let’s get you started with the journey of finding relevant and genuine Car Buyers in Dubai.

Investigate the Buyer

It may not be feasible to do a detailed background check on every individual that shows interest in your vehicle. One thing that you can make sure of is, try talking to the concerned person. Nowadays, scammers take the pathway of bogus email accounts and refuse to have a direct conversation. By having a quick chat, you can understand how genuine or if any hidden requests or unknown reasons they bring about when it comes to buying your car.

Payment Plan

Always make sure that you have the dedicated amount at your end before you hand over your car. There are people out there with forged cheques, fake deposits, fake receipts, fake promises, and whatnot. Try to settle the deal with cash payments. If the buyer insists on cheque payments, then make sure you and the buyer meet in a bank and watch as the teller handles the cash payment through the cheques received.


Another popular scam is the overpayment plan, where they tell you they have sent you a cheque with more money than mentioned and expect you to send the difference amount. Little do you know that the cheque received is bogus. Please do not fall prey to false receipts or emails mentioning that we have deposited the money.

Online Car Deal

Since the car you wish to sell is being advertised online, it is your responsibility to specify your car’s details in a detailed manner. This ensures that you stay clear of any future complaints or faults in your vehicle.

Sometimes, there are a few where it feels it’s too good to be true. People often provide you with a deal for your car that is way over the market rate. Others come about in a manner where they do not even need to see the car and mention they are interested in your car’s sale. Beware of such situations.

When the car sale happens, they mention they prefer an online payment over physical cash transactions, or even with the payment plan of half now and a half after a month of the sale or even monthly installments. Do not opt for such schemes. Eventually, you need to make sure that you get the price for your car.

Avoid Late Night Deals

Never allow the car to be test-driven alone to the car buyers. Avoid car sales during the weekends, cheque transfers on Thursday, or any late-night deals. This allows an opportunity for the scammers to forge the payment and make you wait for the amount throughout the weekend. Preferably, try to meet in a public place when you wish to show the car to potential buyers.

For any suspicious behavior, you think you may come across, call 901 and report immediately.

Never Rush A Car Sale

One major tip would be never to portray yourself as an overeager seller. This makes the buyers have an indication of your current situation and make use of it. There may come conditions where people undermine or underprice your car and bring about bogus faults in your vehicle. Do not fall for this scam. This provides them an upper hand in making you underprice your vehicle; they may even bring “professionals” to inspect your car.


And what they usually do is they buy your car at a lower price and resell your vehicle for a much higher price. Be confident in your vehicle, and if a sale does not happen, do not let it get the best of you.


So, if ever an opportunity comes to sell your car by yourself, take heed of the tips given. However, if you feel that a car sale might overwhelm you, you can always resort to professional car buying agencies in UAE, where all you need to do is, Sit and relax.

For any inquiries, you can contact us anytime, and we will be happy to help you in your car selling journey.