List Of World’s Most Expensive Maserati

most expensive Maseratis

 Most Expensive Maserati

We have listed the most expensive Maserati cars in the world this year. Since its creation in the late nineteenth century, the car has become an essential means of transport. In 2012 alone, more than 70 million models were produced and marketed around the world. That said, automakers are not content to create simple and convenient cars. Indeed, they are fighting over the innovation and the speed of their machines.

Here are the top 10 most expensive Maserati in the world

First: Audi E-Tron Spyder

Coining some 3,000 100 Euros, the E-Tron Spyder of the German group Audi holds the first place. This Maserati is officially the most expensive car in the world. With unparalleled technology, the Audi E-Tron Spyder features a 388 hp 6-cylinder hybrid engine with average fuel consumption of 2.2 l / 100.

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Second: Bugatti Super Sport

Created in 2010 by the Italian company, the Bugatti Super Sport is worth 2,349,800 Euros. Equipped with a 1200 hp 16-cylinder engine equivalent to 7993 cm3, there is something to impress the neighbors. For consumption, it reaches 39 l / 100 in sports mode.

Third: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Standard

Sold at a price of 1,900,300 Euros, this 570 hp model has a 10-cylinder V-engine.

Fourth: Koenigsegg CCXR Standard

With a power of 1032 hp, this model has 32 compressor valves. It costs 1,794,600 Euros. His performance is noted at 17.8 / 20.

Fifth: Mercedes CLK GTR

It has an engine with a power of 612 hp, 12 cylinders, and 48 ​​valves. Its current price is 1,700,200 Euros.

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Sixth: Ferrari FXX Standard

With an engine of 800 hp, 12 cylinders and 60 valves, this model of Ferrari is put on sale with 1 500 200 Euros.

Seventh: Porsche 962 Dauer Le Mans

With a maximum power of 730 hp, this model is worth nearly 1,500,000 Euros. Its 24-valve Bi-Turbo with a propulsion transmission and a 5-speed manual transmission makes it an easy-to-drive car.

Eighth: Pagani Zonda R

With a power of 750 hp and a V-12 engine, this car is worth about 1000 Euros less than the Porsche mentioned above.

Ninth: Pagani Zonda Cinque

Still, from the Pagani brand, this car is worth 1,427,000 Euros. An engine of 678 hp, 12 cylinders with a maximum torque of 4000 rpm, this model has everything to please.

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Tenth: Aston Martin One-77 Standard

It has a 760 hp engine, 12 cylinders, 48 ​​valves, a propulsion transmission with a 6-speed automatic sequential transmission. Its price is 1, 350, 000 Euros.

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