List of Top 10 Most Iconic Mustangs of All Time


The Ford Mustang may be the most iconic American car in history. It bleeds red, white and blue and is built out of liberty, pride and freedom.The Mustang has only been available in a limited number of countries, but people around the world not only know what a Mustang is, but also wish they could own one.

When a new mustang arrives it leaves most of the world speechless. Our eyes meet a new treasure and we all try to obtain it, although the Shelby hasn’t inspired people that much, the recent 2016 model is quite interesting so lets see its ancestors and its predecessors.

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  • 1965 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350


And the top prize for best Mustang ever goes to the 1965 Shelby GT 350, which is widely viewed as the very best ‘Stang ever produced. Manufactured only a year after the very first Mustang rolled off the assembly line in Detroit, Shelby and Ford combined forces to create a raw, performance-based version of the car.

This car was born in the 60’s and it raised a lot of heads, companies wanted to make something similar and beat its record. It was a car built for racing. Its name didn’t come from the race or the engine but the inventor the one and only CarrollShelby and that was bonus.

  • 1967 Shelby GT500 


In 1967, Shelby decided to add another Mustang variant alongside the company’s Trans-Am ready GT350. Called the GT500, the new Shelby Mustang featured a 428-cubic-inch V8 and various exterior upgrades as well as a few mechanical enhancements.

This model was lighter and updated, of course the original was never going to change it had those classical stripes as well. Carroll never stopped and kept planning resulting to this model. Not to mention how it earned it’s role as Eleanor in the 2000 classic remake of the classic car crime caper. It also featured a number of fiberglass materials, a new hood and couple of other things too.

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  • 1970 mustang boss 429


In 1969, Ford introduced the Boss version of the Mustang. Ford actually manufactured two cars under the Boss moniker – the 302 and 429 editions. For our money, the Boss 429 is the superior car. This new monster was born originally to beat the Camaro and later on chevy had loosen track. It was more in the vein of the G.T 350 and still had that originality. The car used a composite ford engine fitted with Cleveland.

  • 1971 mustang mach 1


Ford’s Mach 1 Mustang, designed for all out performance, first appeared back in August 1968 as a 1969 model year package. Numerous engine options were available, including the ever popular 428 cubic inch 7.0L Super Cobra Jet.

With speed and comfort mach 1 was ideal, but with the looks people wanted a bit more luxurious and edgy on their car, so a little change was added and it went on it’s way. It then earned another spot in the 1974 original Gone in 60 seconds. It offered a range of powerful V8 engines along with a speed manual transmission.

  • 1978 mustang king cobra


One year before the all-new ’79 Mustang, Ford introduced the ’78 Mustang II King Cobra as a last-minute Mustang sales stimulator. We like the ’78 King Cobra for its unique features that made it a stand-alone model during a unique chapter in Mustang history.

This car made a lot of impact on the automotive industry. It had made the“screaming chicken” found on the hoods of the Pontiac trans-arms era seem settled. Then there was the interior that made it seem dazzling, all metal and almost ready for the Mad max if adjusted slightly. It had one of the best features as it only came with a V8 and most other carrying the V6 and 14s, that’s some pretty big achievement don’t you agree?

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  • 1984 Mustang SVO 


This old car stands out the most from the great family of the mustang cars. It had a turbo charged  4–cylinder engine with 175-horse power with an inter cooler. The car ran properly on a 2.3 liter cylinder engine in the era of V8.

  • 2000 Cobra R 


Now this car had been a little soft around the edges, but it’s speciality still remained. Speed, power and technology. The sky-high spoiler and the aggressive body kit and all the other unnecessary bits were removed and replaced.

  • 2008 mustang Bullitt


This car came with the classic combo, dark green with black wheels. The second mustang to be built for Steve Macqueen’s Sgt.This car was very much like the original. Although, new model means updating right? This automobile also had a few updates along with retro style updating.

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  • 2013 Shelby GT500 

This has to be the most powerful mustang ever sold among the dealers. The Inventor himself said this was the best car when his usual reply used to be “the next one” which was true as he couldn’t stay till the the next model.


This is the masterpiece as it naturally blends with the old and new. The V8 and the transmitter are the old but the axles are all new.

This wonderful vehicle wasn’t a waste and makes it’s owner proud.