List of Best Features of Ford Super Duty

 Features Of The 2017 Ford Super Duty

The Ford F-Series Super Duty lines of pickups are off the scales and that’s all-new for 2017; the first time in years that the trucks have been updated. This is huge news for the places where the things are sold as it can be more convenient. The 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel V-8 power truck is immense and it’s not only its looks that deceives the person but also its technology. To say it’s a monstrous work truck is an understatement. The company known as ‘The drive” is currently running a test on a 2017 Ford F-250. It’s flooding with new features that we all come to love. Though, some people argue on the fact that it’s not a real truck anymore, think of it as an advanced version as the real definition of the truck does not change, it is still a vehicle mostly used for loading.

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  • Military-grade 


With updating there is no question that military should be a part, in vehicles anyway. It is lighter, stronger, faster and not to mention better looking. Also being made of one of the earth’s more abundant metals. Worried about maintenance? Concern about maintenance and you shall feel comfortable knowing the fact that the same shops that have been specially-equipped to service the F-150 series of trucks can service the Super Duty (SD) vehicles as well.

  • Bigger and better


As you know, this immense machine’s chassis was not that heavy and so that means if not the chassis then somewhere else right? Now this vehicle has stronger axles, bigger brakes and larger fuel tanks!

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  • Power Scope (Telescoping Mirrors)

Personally, this is one of the many best features on this truck. This feature is all about making a regular activity easier. Power Scope is a standard feature on the Lariat or above, possibly being one of the most convenient features on the truck, Power Scope allows operators to extend and retract their mirrors with the push of a button. Power Scope also comes with many other abilities including power folding capabilities, mirror-mounted floodlights and heated glass.

  • Tailgating step

The Tailgate Step conveniently pops out of the rear tailgate and allows you comfortably hop in and out of the truck. The Tailgate step is the perfect solution for everyone. No matter how tough or “manly” you are, writhing in pain isn’t the solution of anything. The Tailgate Step is an available option of $375 and it’s guaranteed it’s worth it.

  • Chassis


It goes without saying that the framework is very important regarding the concern for stronger steel (95% is used); this time it’s 24 times stronger. Yup you heard right; the 2017 SD trucks are now officially 24 times stronger. Larger frame rails, fully-boxed front and rear ends and through-welded cross members are some of the properties that all help stiffen the skeleton of this massive vehicle. Some flex is required that is why it’s not that dominant. 

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  • Power


When you advance the old, the factors include everything, the size, the looks and of course the power and the 2017 SDs clearly have nothing to lack when it comes to that. Starting with engines there are 3 of them a 6.2L gas V8, a 6.7L Power stroke Diesel V8 and a 6.8L gas V10 with the most powerful 6.7L diesel V8 example making a whopping 925 lb-ft of torque. The 6.2 L gas V8 makes 386 hp and 430 lb-ft, the V10 288 and 424, respectively. The V10 will likely be a runner mainly for navy trucks; however, as it’s available only on F-450 chassis cab models.


The ford is all new and the best, try it out today