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The soothing model made its main debut in the year 2005, proving to be a main contender in the vehicle bazaar. Its unique mode of the exterior sets its vastly  undisputed standards  among fellow SUV cars.  The model designers have made excessively  improved features which offers not only an appeasing  comfortable ride,  but also a safer and much trustworthy ride. Driving in the HYUNDAI TUCSON for the first time can be full of surprises caused by the whole system ideal work ability, which initiates top quality driving experience. The elegant  blend of  the exterior tint portrays a perfect  icon for the HYUNDAI TUCSON  tipping off  a first-class performance by a first time glimpse.

While driving, the driver does not need to worry of maintaining a single lane stand as the car comfortably detects while the driver is shifting from the lane and there are warnings and features installed to guide the driver. The good grip instigated by the wheels guarantees  effective handling and the car can straightforwardly conquer intricate terrains with ease.  With an optional four wheel drive, it operates on front wheel drive which economizes fuel efficiently and enabling it to be comfortable in any brand of road.

With its well built cosy interior, more and  more friendly conversations are developed to effortlessly enhance the spirit of socialization which is most common in humans.  Powered by a 1.6 L turbo charged engine  with a Horse- power of 175, it has an excellent acceleration which is very impressive. The leather covered steering wheel is inspiring  to the driver. With multiple airbags installed, somehow the passengers and the driver safety are assured in case of a serious impact. The entertainment  is on another level inside the HYUNDAI TUCSON, with a large reliable touchscreen, apps are easily managed  with the help of a smart phone. The music system is amazing producing resounding effects.