How to Pay Car Parking Fees and Fines in Dubai 


The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai has launched several useful payment methods to collect vehicle parking fees. If you are someone who owns a car, you must have faced trouble paying your parking fees for not knowing about different options. But there’s nothing to worry about anymore. 

In this article, we’ve mentioned the six best ways to pay your car parking fees in Dubai. Moreover, you’ll also learn how to pay the fines for your car’s parking. 

 Ways To Pay Parking Fees in Dubai


There are several options for paying your vehicle’s parking fees in Dubai. You can choose both online and offline methods. In this article, we have mentioned the six best options for paying parking fees. Let’s check them out;

1.WhatsApp Payment 


The Dubai Road and Transport Authority launched a WhatsApp chatbot called Mahboub to facilitate the seamless payment of parking fees. They also call this payment system “Park & Pay,” which signifies comfortability and convenience. 

In this method, all you have to do is send a WhatsApp message to Mahboub. First, you must have the official number, 00971-58-800-9090, saved in your phone. 

Then, open your WhatsApp and send a message to it by following this format; 

Plate code and numberspace > area codespace > time in hours” 

This would look something like this as an example: X00000 000X 2 


2.MParking SMS Service


MParking is one of the most popular methods of paying parking fees in Dubai. However, this option is only available for Du and Etisalat users. Before proceeding to the payment process, you must know that the SMS service will only work when your vehicle is registered with the MParking service.

Follow this process to register your vehicle;

  • For unregistered users: Send a message to 7275 following the format, Plate number <space> zone number <space> duration
  • For registered users: Nickname <space> zone number <space> duration
  • You’ll be charged 30 fils as a transaction fee per SMS
  • Virtual tickets are valid only for the selected parking zone

Now let’s see the process of paying parking fees;

  • Determine the parking zone and your estimated parking time.
  • Draft an SMS with all the details of your registered vehicle, parking zone, and time
  • Send the SMS to 7275 (PARK)

Once you’ve successfully sent the SMS, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS shortly. Make sure you don’t delete this SMS. However, if you don’t get the SMS within 5 minutes, you can use other payment methods for the parking fees. You can also contact RTA customer care at 800-9090.

3. RTA Dubai App


If you like using online payment options, the RTA Dubai App could be a very useful choice. It’s a smart way to pay your vehicle parking fees officially, according to the Dubai Road and Transport Authority. If you’re using the Dubai RTA App, the charges for your parking fees will be deducted from your phone balance. 

Follow the steps below for the payment;

  • Download the app from your mobile app store (available in the Apple app store, Google Play Store, and Huawei app gallery) 
  • Register your vehicle through the application,
  • Now follow the instructions to pay the fees.



4. Pay with Coins 

Coins are probably the easiest way to pay your vehicle parking fees in Dubai. At the parking lots, you’ll find machines deployed to accept 1 Dirham and 50 fils coins for the payment. First, put the coins according to the value of your parking fee, then collect the ticket and display it on your car’s dashboard. 

Note: Paying with coins may not be a convenient option for those who usually don’t carry coins. 


5. Nol Card


The NOL card is the best option for those who travel a lot in Dubai. This card gives you access to pay for various modes of RTA transportation. For example, using the NOL card, you can pay the charges for buses, metro, water buses, and even metro lines. 

Besides, using the same NOL car, you can quickly pay your vehicle parking fees in Dubai. For this reason, the RTA has deployed a special machine at the parking lots to make your payment process fast and secure. Here, the RTA deducts the money from your NOL balance and gives you a parking ticket, just like the coin system. 

6. Seasonal Parking Cards


Now let’s look at the last option on this list to pay your car’s parking fees in Dubai. If you don’t like paying fees multiple times, the seasonal parking card is your saviour. A seasonal parking card allows you to park at any parking lot with the validity options of 3 months, six months, and one year. 

However, you need to keep your seasonal car visible on your vehicle’s dashboard. 

Note: The card’s price depends on the permit and parking zones.

Here’s the diagram of the seasonal card’s pricing.


Type of Permit 3 Months 6 Months Yearly
My Parking “General” AED 1,400 AED 2,500 AED 4,500
My Parking “Area” AED 700 AED 1,300 AED 2,400
My Parking “Multistory” AED 2,000 AED 4,000 AED 8,000
My Parking “Student” AED 300
Silicon Oasis Zone AED 1,400 AED 2,500 AED 4,500
TECOM Zone AED 700 AED 1,300 AED 2,500

How to apply for a seasonal card: 


There are two ways to obtain a seasonal parking card in Dubai through the RTA portal.

1: Through RTA Website

  • Visit the RTA website: Driver and Car Owner > Parking > Seasonal Parking Card
  • Add the vehicle and card details.
  • Select the card category and your preferred duration,
  • Fill in the necessary information,
  • Confirm and pay.


2: Through RTA App

  • Access the RTA platform and navigate to the “Parking Services” section.
  • Within “Parking Services,” select the option for “Seasonal Parking Cards.”
  • Choose your desired permit type, category, and activation date.
  • Click on “Add Vehicle” and choose your car’s plate number.
  • Finalize the process by completing the payment for the seasonal permit.



DubaiNow is the first smart app launched by the Dubai government to offer 120 services on one platform. One of its services is that you can pay parking fees using this app. It’s available on Apple and Android devices.

  • Install DUBAINOW App from  PlayStore/AppStore 
  • Create account
  • Go to driving services
  • Enter the parking code (displayed on the parking sign board)
  • Enter the vehicle Plate details
  • pay using debit and credit card

dubai now

8. NFC or digital wallet (multistory car parking payment)

You can use NFC technology or a digital wallet to easily pay your parking fees in multi-story car parking lots. You just need to tap your phone on a POS access point on the machine, and you are good to go.

9. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is another secure and easier method to pay for your parking fees. steps to follow

  • There is no need to install any other app
  • Scan the QR code with the iPhone
  • Enter your vehicle details and parking hours and pay

10. Samsung pay

If you have set up Samsung Pay on your Android device, you can pay parking fees easily anywhere.

Paying Parking Fines in Dubai


Dubai is a well-known place for strict rules and regulations. By any chance, if you exceed the time limit for parking your car or you park in a non-parking zone, you’ll have to pay fines. To pay your parking fines, you need to visit the official Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website.

Once you open the website, follow this navigation to get to the parking fine fee page. 

Or you can simply open this link for the same;


Driver and car owner > Parking > Pay Public Parking Fines.

Once you open the page, there is a simple 3 step process to pay your parking fines;

Spet 1: Search for your fine by submitting ‘Vehicle plate number’ or ‘Fine number.’

Step 2: Review your fines, which will show up on the screen.

Step 3: Confirm and pay your fines with a credit or debit card. 



Can I park my car for free in Dubai?

Yes, you can park your car for free, but it’s available only on Sunday. Earlier, Friday used to be the weekend in Dubai, and people could park their vehicles on Friday for free. Usually, parking charges apply from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm.

Note: Some parking lots far away from popular destinations don’t charge.


Is there any restriction on where I can park in Dubai?

Dubai has parking rules! You cannot park within 50 meters of intersections or 5 meters of fire hydrants and bus stops. Also, public parking is banned near airports, schools, and government buildings. If you break any of the rules, you might get a hefty fine or your car towed!


Can I pay my car parking fees online in Dubai?

Yes, absolutely. In Dubai, RTA offers you various online payment methods to pay your car’s parking fees, such as the Dubai RTA App, mParking SMS service, and WhatsApp payment. Moreover, you can also use other options like Galaxy Pay, Apple Pay, and RFID-enabled bank cards.