How to Get a Driving License in Dubai?

Dubai Driving License

Anyone who has attained driving skills from any authorized Driving School in Dubai and has an age ranging between 18 to 21 years can get a driving license by simply applying for a test in Dubai.Foreigners from certain countries are eligible to transfer their existing driving license without necessarily taking a driving test. All they need is valid driving license from these countries as outlined by RTA. You can call RTA on 8009090 for a list of eligible countries.

Its Criteria

If you have never attended any driving training instruction or you are a foreigner and driving license from your country is not recognized, you are taken through training for six months before being given a license. However, if you are well trained, you are required to produce the following documents.

 Both an Original and a copy of your official stamped passport

 Emirates Recommendation on the Driving Certificate

 A certificate from an authorized Driving School in Dubai

Before you are given the driving license, you are taken through the following assessments.

Theory Test

In this test, one is asked various questions that best reflect the guidelines, hazards, and road signs that are involved with vehicle driving. Majorly, the exams are taken through computers but the computer illiterate people are guided through oral testing. Three categories of tests are involved; the first with seventeen questions, second with eleven questions and lastly one with twelve questions. Questions in all the categories are basically aimed at testing the driving ability of the person, in terms of theory. A minimum of 30 question pass is required for one to proceed to the next category.

Road Test

In this stage, one is tested practically about his road driving knowledge. The category encompasses 18 questions, which majorly aim at finding the reason as to why the person should be granted a driving license. During this taste period one is given a short time license as the test requires him to drive. After a pass in all the above steps, one is granted a license.

Dubai is one of those cities in the world that practice a strict zero-tolerance policy on DUI. It is common for police in civilian attire to travel in unmarked vehicles and legally stop you and conduct a test at any point.