How to deactivate Salik Tag when you sell your car in UAE?

The Salik system has been used since 2007 to help traffic on Dubai highways flow more efficiently. This system adds convenience to drivers’ commutes, but many drivers may wonder what to do about their Salik tags when they sell a vehicle. When you sell a car, you will want to deactivate the Salik tag, as it cannot be transferred from one account to another.

But, before getting into Salik tag deactivation, you need to understand exactly what the Salik system is and how Salik tags work. This article will explore how the Salik system works and everything you need to know about deactivating your Salik tag before selling your vehicle.

What Is the Salik System?

The name Salik refers to the electronic toll system of user fees in Dubai. This toll was first introduced by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in 2007 and has been active since.

The system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to automatically deduct a fee from a user’s account each time the vehicle passes a toll gate. This allows drivers to continue to drive normally when passing a toll gate which helps keep traffic flowing effectively.

In this system, all drivers must purchase prepaid cards to load their accounts and pay the toll charges each time they pass through the toll. All vehicle owners in Dubai are eligible to use the Salik system, and all you need to create a Salik account is a mobile number and your vehicle registration card details.

The fee for each toll is 4 AED per entry. This fee will be automatically deducted from your account so you do not get stuck at a toll booth or gate on a Dubai highway.

What Is a Salik Tag?

The Salik tag is an identification sticker with an electronic chip that the RFID technology reads to deduct the toll fees from an account. This sticker is attached to your vehicle and works in all weather conditions and at all speeds, making it a great way to accurately and reliably identify a car.

What to Do with Your Car’s Salik Tag When Selling It

A Salik tag cannot be transferred from one owner to another. Because of this, if you are selling a car, you must ensure that you deactivate your Salik tag and remove it from the windshield before selling the vehicle. If you do not remove and deactivate the Salik tag, it will be charged to your account when the new owner takes the vehicle through any toll gates. To prevent these unwanted charges, you must ensure that you deactivate your Salik tag before selling your car.

If you are purchasing a new car, you will have to buy a new Salik tag for the new vehicle.

The Guide to Salik Tag Deactivation

If you are selling your vehicle, you will want to know how to successfully deactivate your Salik tag to prevent any unwanted charges from the vehicle’s new owner from being made to your account.

Required Documents and Deactivation Fees

If you are selling a vehicle, you will need your Emirates ID to remove the vehicle from your Salik account. When selling a car, you must remove the Salik tag and deactivate the account immediately. If you do not do this, you risk incurring further toll fees.

Deactivating a Salik tag is free, but you must purchase a new one for your new vehicle.

The Four Methods of Deactivation

There are several ways to deactivate a Salik tag and remove a vehicle from your Salik account. Here, we will explore these methods.

Salik Website or Smart Salik App

The first way to remove a vehicle from your Salik account is through the Salik website (

To remove a vehicle from your account using the Salik website or app, you must:

  • Log into your Salik account using your username and password
  • Select ‘Remove Vehicle from Salik Account’
  • Select the plate number of the vehicle you are going to sell
  • Remove the vehicle from your account

Dubai Now App

Another way you can remove a vehicle from your Salik account is through the Dubai Now app.

To do this, you must:

  • Log into the Dubai Now App
  • Select ‘Salik Accounts’
  • Select ‘Manage Vehicles’
  • Select ‘Remove a Vehicle’ from the menu and follow the instructions

Salik Customer Service Locations

If you would rather remove the vehicle from your account with the help of a customer service representative, you can also perform this action at a customer service location. Once you arrive at a location, you will need to fill out the vehicle removal form. After this, a representative will help you remove the vehicle from your account. Be sure to bring your Emirates ID with you, which is required to remove the car from your account.

Salik Call Center

If you cannot get to a customer service location but you still want the help of a Salik customer service representative, you can call the Salik call center at 800725445. During this call, you can request to remove a vehicle from your Salik account. This process will result in the immediate removal of your vehicle from your Salik account.

What Happens to Your Salik Account Balance?

Now, you may wonder what happens to your Salik account balance when you deactivate your vehicle’s Salik tag. Since your Salik account is connected directly to your traffic file number (which remains the same no matter how many vehicles you own), your account balance will remain the same even after deactivating a Salik tag. This balance will remain for five years, but if it is not used for five years, the balance in your account will be forfeited.

Any new vehicles you purchase will be placed under the same traffic file number and, therefore, be connected to the same Salik account. Because of this, you can use the balance in your Salik account for any future vehicles you own.


If you sell your vehicle in the UAE, you must deactivate your Salik tag and remove your vehicle from your Salik account. Luckily, there are a few different options to do this, and you can select the method of deactivation that works best for you. Removing a vehicle from your Salik account is quite simple and should only take a few minutes.

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