FORD FIESTA a mid -size car

ford fiesta

This flamboyant model is classified among mid-size cars. The Ford FIESTA is designed in a unique fashion displaying the elegant fabric used to design it. This is one car certainly to draw your attention when it passes near you, bear in mind its highly set standards. No wonder in 2014 it was ranked the top Britain selling car. This credit goes to the makers of the Ford FIESTA who have improved their game in the automotive business not only in production but also they have been able to maximize in profit-making. The FIESTA is reliable and the price cost is lenient making it to be easily accessible.

The engine system is fully upgraded to deliver a powerful acceleration hence minimizing time-wasting on the roads. You can comfortably listen to music in the car without being disturbed by noise engines which are very annoying. This is because the engine is cool and silent enhancing a quieter peaceful ride. It is Eco-friendly and experts affirm it emits little carbon wastes on the environment.  The FIESTA is characterized by simple handling’s which impress mostly ladies and its accessibility in different types. Within just nine seconds, it can accelerate from zero to sixty MPH, that’s really impressive taking into account its small surface area.

Advanced technology excites many, as the systems are very welcoming and unproblematic to operate. Lest you don’t have the car keys, your FIESTA can still start by simply using the push-button start which activates the engine with a single touch. Has special features that enhance responsive driving by reducing high speeds. The steering wheel is precisely furnished with leather to enhance a soft touch of the wheel while driving. The interior space is just enough fixed with night red-lighting portraying a balmy elegant interior. Blue tooth is available and the sound system is not a let-down as it equally impresses.

The tires are well monitored and there are several airbags to cover-up in case of a mishap